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Author: Natasha Uderani

Saudi Arabia’s Crackdown On Corrupto, Princes & Ministers Arrested Including Billionaire Alwaleed bin Talal

In a surprising turn of events, dozens of influential people were arrested in Saudi Arabia. The list of people that were arrested included everyone from sitting cabinet ministers to members of the royal family. Even Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal, a billionaire with investments in Twitter and Citigroup was arrested in this sudden and surprising purge. What was surprising about this billionaire’s arrest was the fact that he had publicly lent his support to the new regime in the kingdom including the decision to interfere in Yemen’s civil war. This sensational action is being branded in two ways, each account...

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The Hottest Food Festival In Islamabad That You Absolutely Cannot Miss 

If your love of food is all that keeps you going through the bleakness of life and if Joey is the Friends character that you identify with the most, then the Lahore Eat Food Festival is something straight out of your wildest fantasies. This is the first time that this event is being held in Islamabad. It has previously wowed people in Karachi and Lahore and is all set to become a success in Islamabad too. 10th, 11th, and 12th November will see Islamabad make the wildest fantasies of food lovers come true. Celebrating the diversity of the city,...

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Meera Trying To Give Serious Competition To Celine Dion With Her Titanic Cover

” My Heart Will Go On ” is an iconic song by Celine Dion from the best movie ever made, Titanic ( DO NOT ARGUE WITH ME ON THIS, TITANIC IS SIMPLY AMAZING AND ANYONE WHO DOES NOT THINK THAT IS HEARTLESS. ) Over the years, numerous people have tried their hand at covering this beautiful song. While many have done justice to it, others just made us wish that they would leave this iconic song alone. The latest person to mutilate and maim this song was none other than our favorite queen of melodrama Meera Jee. I an...

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Pakistan Mourns Over The Death Of Quaid-e-Azam’s Only Daughter Dina Wadia

You may think that the daughter of the man founded Pakistan would be living in this country but that is not the case with Dina Wadia, Jinnah’s daughter who lived away from the nation that her father fought for. The reason for Dina living and breathing her last away from Pakistan was the fact that she chose to go against her father’s wishes and married a Parsi man. Dina decided to marry Neville Wadia and earned her father’s ire who wanted her to marry a Muslim man. This was the reason that Dina decided to stay in India instead...

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Things You Can Relate To If You Are A Scorpio

There are people who believe in horoscopes and then there are people who don’t. If you are one of those people who believe in this, then here is a list of things that will instantly make you think of yourself if you are a Scorpio. 1-Asking for help is not your style  You absolutely hate asking for help. You pride yourself on your independence and you think asking for help is a sign of weakness. So it does not matter if you are drowning in quicksand or in the middle of a conversation from which you need to escape,...

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