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Author: Natasha Uderani

Saudi Arabia: Crazy Game Of Thrones Is Going On Inside The House Of Saud

Unless you have been living under a rock, you may know about the current power instability in Saudi. Much like an episode out of Game Of Thrones, the crown prince Mohammed Bin Salman is getting rid of his rivals by having them arrested and detained on charges of corruption. Mohammed Bin Salman is trying to get all his bases covered in case his father decides to abdicate the throne and Prince Salman is crowned the new ruler. Prince Salman started on his quest for power by arresting dozens of religious figures who would oppose his more liberal policies in...

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How Noori Dashed Our Hopes Of Producing The Next Season Of Coke Studio

I was just going about my day, minding my business and looking at dog videos when suddenly a status on Facebook caught my eye. The moment I read that Noori was producing the next season of Coke Studio, the world around me stopped. Violins started playing in the background like a Karan Johar movie as I thought about the magic to be created by Ali Hamza and Ali Noor. However, my bliss was short lived as soon after, Noori denied all rumors of them being the next executive producers of Coke Studio. I just have one question, WHY YOU...

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Everything You Need To Know About The Paradise Papers Leak – The Pakistan Chapter

Just as the world was reeling from the effects of the disastrous Panama Papers, ICIJ has dumped another scandalous list on us. The Paradise papers lay open a list of people from around the world who have moved their money to offshore tax havens. The two firms which have been highlighted the most in these papers is Bermuda’s Appleby and Singapore’s Asiaciti Trust. From the Queen of England to American superstar Madonna, this list has a lot of names that might shock you. This list was put together by the same people who released Panama Papers. The International Consortium of...

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Here Is Your Guide On How To Get Bald Like A Boss

Hair is a fickle thing. One day you have a head full of hair and the next day your head is as shiny as a cue ball. Nobody likes a head full of spotty hair. Either fix it or shave it off. Having a bald head is not for everyone. Not everyone has perfectly shaped heads and removing hair from that equation only makes them look like a new kind of alien species. If you do not want to look like a crazy villain from a Bollywood movie or a sasta version of Lex Luthor, here are the steps...

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