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Newsweek Pakistan’s Editor Tweeted In Defense Of Child Sex Abuse And It Flared The World

Newsweek Pakistan’s Editor Tweeted In Defense Of Child Sex Abuse And It Flared The World

In a nation rocked by child abuse scandals backed by a global discussion on sexual abuse laws, Fasih Ahmed thought it would be okay to make light of these issues. Fasih Ahmed is not a normal human being who just let his mouth run off. If this was some random person on Twitter, he would have been schooled in a multitude of ways with his account being reported and his foolishness becoming a fodder for retweets.

Fasih Ahmed is the editor of Newsweek Pakistan. He is a man whose words are read by millions. He is a man who holds influence and whose words hold power. So when a man like that tweets that sexual abuse leads to art, you cannot just turn a blind eye to it. You do not get to talk about making Pakistan safer for people and then validate this man’s views by letting his actions go unchecked.

Fasih Ahmed thought that he would get away with this. He thought he would joke about child abuse under the pretense of being woke while he and his other woke friends would laugh about it while raising their banners for the social cause they find interesting. He thought that he could carry on his life and influential position while millions of children each day live through the horror that he dares to joke about.

Fasih Ahmed thought wrong. One Twitter user on a quest to let the powerful know that their actions can’t go unchecked was all it took to bring down Fasih Ahmed. As soon as Fasih Ahmed’s garbage tweets hit Twitter, Faizan made it his mission to make sure that this man’s actions don’t go unpunished.

The man moved mountains to make sure that every single person associated with LLF ( where Fasih is a board member ) knew how wrong Fasih’s words were. 

And if you think that Faizan’s tweets were for nothing, you could not be more wrong. 

Fasih Ahmed’s tweets not only enraged Pakistani people but also drew ire from people all over the globe.

Not only did he Fasih Ahmed recuse himself from the board of LLF, Newsweek also put out a statement about re-evaluating its franchise relationship with Newsweek Pakistan in light of Fasih Ahmed’s tweets.

If you ever thought that one person cannot make a difference then let Faizan be an example for you all.


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