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The Addiction Of New ‘Ice’ Drug Among Females In Peshawar Keeps On Growing

The Addiction Of New ‘Ice’ Drug Among Females In Peshawar Keeps On Growing

Drug abuse is a rampant issue that is plaguing our modern world and it seems like Pakistan too has come under its ugly grip.

Recently, a video surfaced of a girl in Peshawar who was seen using the addictive drug ICE. ICE is a highly addictive drug which has numerous health effects for people who use it. It is a potent form of meth and produces an immediate and intense high. The high from ice can last between 8 and 24 hours. While the immediate effects of this drug may feel good, increased usage may lead to anything from nausea to a stroke.

The girl in question has been taken into police custody so she can be put into a rehab center.

Source: The Influence

The video has been met with mixed reactions. `People are lambasting the news channel for divulging the identity of the girl. This is the same nation that made a national joke out of the poor little boy who got addicted to drugs. Now the same nation is saying that the drug usage is the personal issue of the girl and the news channel had no right to put her in the spotlight.

The comment section of this post sums it up very nicely about all the things that are wrong with our society today. From general apathy to bringing the issue of gender in between, people are focusing on everything but the actual issue at hand.


This girl does not need your lectures on what is right and what is wrong. She does not need your hate or your sympathy.

She needs your help and so do the countless other people who have been caught in the web of drugs. Poverty along with their circumstances have led to these people opting for a life fueled by drugs. This country does not need the biggest amusement park in the world or the best metro trains to survive, it needs rehab centres so that people get a chance to get a grip on their lives.




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