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Imran Khan Confirms Third Marriage Plans And Pakistan Goes Crazy

Imran Khan Confirms Third Marriage Plans And Pakistan Goes Crazy

Imran Khan is in the news from last week for his 3rd marriage. According to the reports coming from a news media portal, Imran Khan allegedly tied the knot for the third time on the 1st of January, 2018 to Bushra whom he reportedly used to go for spiritual guidance.

Imran Khan was silent for a long time but today he spoke on the matter and shut all people like a boss.

In his first tweet he took a jibe at the amount of discussion surrounding the topic.

In his second tweet, he stated that he does not bother about media and other such outlets

However, according to his third tweet, he is concerned about the families of both the families

He even strengthened his resolution for his fight against corruption

He also shared that he will not stoop to the level of his contenders

In the end, he asked for good wishes from his fans and followers

Speculations about the authenticity of Chairman PTI’s marriage were hyped since the story broke down on media and there was no clarity on the topic. Later, an official statement by media cell of PTI was released according to which Imran Khan has proposed to her but Bibi Bushra has asked for some time to discuss the proposal with her family and not accepted it yet. But the discussions kept on going. At last, Chairman PTI, Imran Khan had to break his silence over the matter.

After Imran Khan’s series of tweets, his fans and followers reacted in these words

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