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Murder Suspect Gets VIP Treatment In Karachi

Murder Suspect Gets VIP Treatment In Karachi

The world is scaling new heights but one thing that has remained the same despite it all is the VIP culture in Karachi. In an instance of distressing news this week, we saw the main accused in the Shahzeb Khan murder case get a chance to walk free after murdering someone. On the heels of this news, we witnessed another instance of VIP culture in Karachi when a murder incited by road rage was treated with nonchalance because the accused was someone important. Khawar Burney injured one and killed another person in an incident of road rage which was followed by him getting the royal treatment in an air-conditioned room in a Sea-View police station. He is the son of Ishtiaq Burney, an influential player in Karachi’s automotive industry, hence the royal treatment.

Burney was then arrested on charges of murder and attempted murder. Though the prosecution tried to get Burney charged under the ATA law too, Burney’s influence did not let that happen. He has now been placed in physical remand for two days till police build up a sufficient case.

According to witnesses, Khawar and his accomplices opened fire on a car for not stopping after a collision with another motorcyclist. College student Zafar, 18, was killed while another injured.

“A young child has been killed and we sympathize with the bereaved family,” said SSP Riaz during a press briefing. “At around 9:15 am, some heavy bikers were traveling along the Sea View Road. A Mercedes car carrying four people hit one of the bikers on the road. The biker, identified as Dr. Rahim, was hit and he fell upon the car. Consequently, the brakes of the car were applied and Rahim fell on the ground. Out of anxiety, the driver of the Mercedes attempted to escape.”

Meanwhile, a silver Vigo was coming from behind the bikers, added the officer. “The word ‘Burney’ was inscribed on the vehicle in bold writing. This vehicle along with some others tried to chase the Mercedes car and succeeded in making the latter stop after covering some distance. Khawar Burney, the driver of the Vigo, then fired some shots using his 9mm pistol, which we have recovered. As per our observation, he fired between 12 and 14 bullets using the pistol. Two boys, seated in the front and back seats of the same side, were hit by the bullets.”

According to the police, the two injured boys were taken to a private hospital, where doctors pronounced Zafir, 18, dead. The body was shifted to Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center for an autopsy. AN 18-YEAR-OLD PERSON WHO HAD HIS WHOLE LIFE AHEAD OF HIM WAS KILLED BECAUSE SOME PRIVILEGED ASSHOLE THOUGHT THAT HE COULD DO WHAT HE WANTED AND NOT SUFFER ANY CONSEQUENCES BECAUSE HIS FATHER WAS A BIG SHOT.

The other youth, 20-year-old Zaid, was admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) with bullet wounds on the hand.

According to the accused, the death of an innocent individual was an accident as he was trying to shoot the tires but instead “accidentally” shot the people. How does one “accidentally” shoot someone 15-20 times is beyond me but then again this excuse has worked for other influential people in the past so why not him too?

Police have also commented on Khawar’s history of violence, his interest in firearms and their suspicions that he has been involved in a similar case in the past. Despite the mountain of evidence , if this man is not convicted then we all should just pack up our bags and leave this lawless country. Despite evidence to the contrary , we are not living in a real life stimulation of the PURGE movie. People cannot do what they want and then not bear the consequences of their actions.

EXCLUSIVE: Prime suspect in the Sea View killing case Khawar Burney said that the incident happened by ‘accident.’ he opened fire on the Mercedes after the car hit his Vigo. I wanted to aim at the tyre but the Mercedes turned and the bullets hit the car,” Burney confessed.Earlier, Burney allegedly killed one and injured another in an incident near Sea View, Karachi on Sunday morning.Here's the detailed confession interview of Khawar Burney.#Karachi #TimesOfKarachi

Posted by The Times of Karachi on Monday, December 4, 2017


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