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Hello Winter – Welcome The Chills

Hello Winter – Welcome The Chills

Winters are here for the good and its time to enjoy the chilly weather with warmth.But, before you start your enjoyment, don’t forget to do these things first

1.Get Your Car’s Battery Checked

Please make sure that the battery of your vehicle is checked and is in proper working condition. If not, then get it replaced in the first place. The first thing that gives you a tough time is your car not starting due to cold. Just think if you are running late for work and your vehicle is unwilling to start…

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2. Take Out Your Warm Clothes From Hiding

Take out your warm clothes including all your cool mufflers, sweaters and stuff which have been hiding all summer. Set them in Your Cupboard along with your long boots etc. to up your fashion quotient.

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3. Give Out Old Warm Clothes To The Needy

While you are at taking your warm clothes out, separate the ones you do not want to wear anymore and hand them over to the needy people.

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4. Get Ready For Fog

Winter and fog go hand in hand. So get ready to face zero visibility early in the morning due to heavy fog in winters. Try to get up a little before time in case fog makes your travel difficult.

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5. Get Ready To Combat Gas Shortage

If you are a Pakistani, then you must be well versed with the idea that as soon as winter comes, sui gas becomes an extinct commodity. So make sure to arrange for gas cylinder etc for your basic needs.

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6. Have A Backup Of Flu Medicine

Winter comes and you do not get flu. That is kind of unbelievable right? Stock up your medicine box with flu-related medicines.

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7. Start Eating Food That Gives You More Energy

Add up Nuts and food which provides you extra energy to keep your body temperature normal in the strong cold temperature of outside or just eat quietly what your mother asks to eat because a mother knows what is good for you

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8. Get Ready To Have Soups And Chinese

Get ready to have your favorite Chinese food and fulfilling hot soups to combat winter chills.

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9. Get Ready For Extra Expenditure On Heaters

As we do not have a proper gas supply in Pakistan, so get ready for added expenses on electric heaters or desi “Koyle ki Angeethi”. Feel like killing yourself? We totally understand your frustration.

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10. Eat Nuts A Mission

Eat as many nuts as you can to keep your body temperature moderate in freezing cold.

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