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Zeeshan Qadri Puts Forth His Point Of View On An Old Naat Of His Which Has Gone Viral Just Recently

Zeeshan Qadri Puts Forth His Point Of View On An Old Naat Of His Which Has Gone Viral Just Recently

During the month of Rabbi-ul-Awal every year, a number of naats have been recited by famous religious clerics and naat khwans especially to celebrate this month and to pay tribute to Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

This Rabbi-ul-Awwal, a naat which has gone viral and created quite a buzz is an old one sung by famous Naat Khwan Muhammad Zeeshan Qadri. This naat has been going viral for some days now and as per the norm of the digital age, a huge number of memes have also been created on the “Tan Tan Tanatan”

Source: youtube

According to Zeeshan Qadri, he sang that naat around eight years ago during the starting years of his career. And when he got the feedback from other people and also the Ullema and religious communities all over the country, he never recited that naat again. But now all of a sudden the naat has risen again and has gone viral on the social media sites which have invited the wrath of religious sectors again.

In order to clear the issue, Zeeshan Qadri has apologized and shared his side of the story through a video message. According to his message, he has no relation with this naat anymore and he has never recited it again once he got to understand that it was wrong of him to use musical words while reciting a naat. According to him, he hasn’t recited the naat since last eight years and whatever mistake he has done is totally unintentional

Here is a video of his apology

As in any other case, the apology by the naat khwan is taken into account by social media users. Here is what they have to say about his apology.

Some People are still angry with him despite an apology

Some dealt maturely with the apology

Some of them want to treat him just the way people treated Junaid Jamshed’s apology about his certain words about Hazrat Ayesha R.A

In the end, here is the viral naat, if you want to have a look


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