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Saudi Arabia: Crazy Game Of Thrones Is Going On Inside The House Of Saud

Saudi Arabia: Crazy Game Of Thrones Is Going On Inside The House Of Saud

Unless you have been living under a rock, you may know about the current power instability in Saudi. Much like an episode out of Game Of Thrones, the crown prince Mohammed Bin Salman is getting rid of his rivals by having them arrested and detained on charges of corruption.

Mohammed Bin Salman is trying to get all his bases covered in case his father decides to abdicate the throne and Prince Salman is crowned the new ruler. Prince Salman started on his quest for power by arresting dozens of religious figures who would oppose his more liberal policies in the kingdom like allowing women to drive after decades of the pointless ban on letting women drive in the kingdom.

Source: New York Journal

Now he has had dozens of influential men in Saudi arrested on numerous different charges. He fired several senior ministers and arrested Alwaleed bin Talal who is one of the richest men in the world. He also detained Waleed al-Ibrahim, chairman of the Middle East Broadcasting Center (MBC), and construction magnate, Bakr Binladin of the Saudi Binladin group. Prince Salman is playing a crazy power game in the kingdom and no one is safe from this.
However, this is where it truly sounds less like a real-life scenario and more like a plot from Game of Thrones. Apparently the former crown prince Mohammed Bin Nayef hasn’t been seen or heard from since July 11. Some say he is under house arrest but who is to say that Prince Nayef has not been imprisoned in a deep dark cell somewhere. The prince is on a detention spree as he is cracking down on liberal journalists and human rights activists too.

However, it is more likely that Prince Nayef too is holed up in a luxury suite somewhere like the other people detained by Crown prince Salman. If you think that royal princes and some of the most influential people in Saudi are holed up in a dingy cell somewhere then you could not be more wrong. Apparently detainment for the rich and powerful means a suite in the Ritz Carlton.

Source: Al-Jazeera

Prince Salman is trying a huge power play in which instead of a family ruling the kingdom, it is just one man. To explain it to you better, think of it this way. Just like Cersei wanted to get all other house heads out of the way so she could be the sole ruler of Westeros without being challenged by someone, Prince Salman is doing the same.

Prince Salman is trying to show the world that in the kingdom no matter how powerful someone is their power is nothing compared to that of Prince Salman.

The reach of Prince Salman can be clearly seen in the way that Saudi Media is now describing those detained by the prince. People who were once free of any tainted titles are now being called traitors to the country on behest of Prince Salman. This uprising in the kingdom has put the world on alert as any sort of change in Saudi means an impact on oil prices over the world. So if you think that world leaders are concerned about the political power play in Saudi then you are wrong cause the only thing the leaders can see is the dollar signs in their eyes dimming down.

Political pundits are calling this as a bold and stupid move on Crown Prince Salman’s part as pissing off a bunch of powerful people has never worked out well for anyone, ever. Secondly, the fact that Donald Trump thinks this is a good idea is all you need to know about this being the worst idea ever. If Donald Trump thinks something is a good idea, then you know how spectacularly this idea is going to fail.

It remains to be seen how those detained will react to this cause one thing is for sure that these people are not going to react lightly to this.

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