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Indian Man Predicts Catastrophic Tsunami In The Indian Ocean

Indian Man Predicts Catastrophic Tsunami In The Indian Ocean

At first, there were the Mayans who predicted the end of humankind on Earth due to a series of catastrophic events and gave us the amazing 2012 movie. However, they were not the first people to concoct their own version of prophecies, nor will they be the last.  The only thing that sets apart the crazies from the isolated crazies is the fact that when someone gives attention to their crazy ramblings.

That is the case of an Indian man named Babu Kalayil who has predicted a catastrophic tsunami in the Indian ocean. He has claimed that due to his extremely powerful sixth sense, he knows that a cataclysmic tsunami will strike in 2017. Wanting to warn his fellow humans of this tragedy, Babu wrote a letter to PM Modi to warn him of this impending disaster.

Source: Express Tribune

Soon after, this letter went viral on social media and had an unexpected effect across the border. While Indians laughed this off as the ramblings of a deranged man who has too much faith in his “special abilities”, Pakistan has taken this threat very seriously.

The Earthquake Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Authority (ERRA) has been warned of this impending disaster which will allegedly affect seven Asian countries including Pakistan. After the letter by Babu went viral, another letter by the ERRA acting deputy made a splash on social media. In that letter, the ERRA deputy chairman is asking for a list of SOPS to be prepared in case of this disaster.


“An Information Report has been received from DG, Inter-Services Intelligence [ISI] that there is, reportedly, likelihood of [a] large scale earthquake, as being expected, in the Indian Ocean in near future which may vigorously shake the Asian continental areas, including Pakistan. There is, therefore, a need to sensitise concern[ed] departments to be on [the] vigil and take care of any natural disaster…,” reads the letter.

“The SOPs will be put up to ERRA’s acting deputy chairman by Monday, November 6, 2017.”

Source: Express Tribune

We are not sure whether the letter is authentic or fake but we are more likely leaning towards it being fake as what would the ISI have to do with disaster management or have they expanded into new areas and nobody told us about it? Given the impossibility of predicting an earthquake, maybe Pakistan is just covering its bases. According to the Pakistan Met department chief Dr. Ghulam Rasool,  “this prediction has no scientific justification, albeit, we are preparing to save ourselves from its effects. ERRA has also started its work by writing the letter.”

“Therefore, we should not ignore such information and should prepare because there is a threat of an undersea earthquake in this area and there have been tremors here in the past as well.”

Who knows maybe Babu is onto something. The Indians may be laughing at us now but they sure are going to regret their actions if Babu turns out to be right. But then again there is an equal chance of Babu being completely wrong and cooking it all up just in time for Tsunami Awareness Day.

Nobody can know whether Babu is right or wrong as only time will tell this. Till then, we should appreciate Pakistan being proactive for the first damn time and keep praying.

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