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Strings Just Said Goodbye To Coke Studio And People Are Literally Shocked

Strings Just Said Goodbye To Coke Studio And People Are Literally Shocked

In a move that has shocked many, Strings has just announced that they are stepping down as producers of Coke Studio. The duo who has received their fair share of admiration and criticism from everyone has announced that season 10 of coke studio was their last.

Coke Studio Season 10 will be the last season produced by Strings. It has been a fantastic journey for us over the…

Posted by Strings on Sunday, October 29, 2017

The last season of Coke Studio was highly criticized for its apparent nepotism. The show was accused of giving this platform to friends or family of stars that did not deserve to sing on such a renowned platform. In the center of this controversy was Danyal Zafar, Ali Zafar’s brother who made his debut on the tenth season of Coke Studio. People found his performance to be lackluster and berated Strings for allowing him to be a part of the show.

While many are saying that all the criticism that has been doled out to strings throughout the years,  has led to this, the truth still remains unknown.
Word on the grapevine is that this exit was fastened so that Rohail Hyatt could come back as the producer of Coke Studio. Reports suggest that Rohail has been signed on by Coke Studio Global and will return back to the show that he made famous. However, this is all speculation and until confirmed by someone from Coke Studio or Rohail Hyatt himself we do not know where the future of coke studio Pakistan stands.

Meanwhile, the news of String’s exit has left many in shock while others are rejoicing for a new era of coke studio. 

We are excited to see what new direction does Strings take now as well as see who comes on forward to lead a new chapter of Coke Studio.

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  1. Usman Latif says:

    Muddasser Naseer Alvi

  2. Sayonni ko tabah karnay kay baad this was the best they could do

    1. Huda Gilani says:

      YESSS! Or shuja haider

  3. Thank you Strings for finally using the flush and draining the shit you’d left laying on the commode for so many years.

    Thank you. I always be thankful to you.

  4. Huda Gilani says:

    Waleed Ahmed Numan Ahmed Tahir

    1. Waleed Ahmed says:

      Somebody should ask Shuja Haider if he is willing to take the job?

    2. Huda Gilani says:

      YESSSS!! PLEASEE! How?

    3. That’s sad .. They were producing some real good music

    4. Huda Gilani says:

      Waleed Ahmed lemme see

  5. Riyan Waheed says:

    Sudden gush of over joy results in a state of shock 😀

  6. Muhammad Zain Ul Abideen

    1. 2 dun phele mene post kiya hai inke baare mai. :/

    1. Abdul Mueed says:


    2. Article khol ke teesra paragraph parh CSG has signed Rohail again, probs

    3. Abdul Mueed says:

      Haan abhi parha yaaar Allah karay wohi aa jaye.

  7. Sara Qureshi says:

    Sobia Soshi no more strings

    1. Sobia Soshi Saeed great we need a change!

  8. Aniqa Asghar yayyy!

    1. Aniqa Asghar says:

      Due to the flop last season maybe

  9. Asma Naeem says:

    Chal koi gal nahin

  10. They should try Sahir Ali Bagga

  11. Raheel Iqbal says:

    Finally a good thing happend

  12. Bring back rohail hyatt

  13. Haris Awan says:

    Get hayat back #cokestudio

  14. Ridda Fatima says:

    Eiman Hussain Syed Tabay Abbas Hamdani

  15. Rukhma Baig says:

    Zinda hun and durr are legendary Maha Baig

  16. Good news.. Last of few coke studio seasons were worst than what we expected….

  17. Finally
    Tariq Usama Anas Muhammad Saad

    1. Tariq Hassan says:

      I m really sad abt it.

    2. Strings ka Sir level tha

  18. Sudais Khan says:

    Fuck Off ..why the fuck they did that?

  19. Zain Zakariha, what if MH took over ?

    1. How did YOU know he was taking over. Yup, he’s next.

  20. Waqas Ahmed says:

    As long as rohail is back as a producers and strings performs on stage i will be more thsn happy

  21. Finally…get back Rohail Hayyat

  22. Good Step..CS was Drowning

  23. Ahmed Ibrar says:

    At last…shukaar bring #Rohailhayaat back..

  24. Elaf Ewan says:

    If people r shocked…then they knw dat they r shocked…
    Y to make it a news…just wonder…

  25. Thank you. None is shocket rather happy.

    Thank you so much for leaving . You actually spoiled many songs !

  26. They are creative people, they have given their best now it’s time for change

  27. Acha kia ab badnam ho rahy hain mu chuk k singer coke studio ajty hain

  28. Emaan Hassan Dhanji