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Momina Mustehsan Helping Girls To Receive Equal Treatment In Sports

Momina Mustehsan Helping Girls To Receive Equal Treatment In Sports

Momina Mustehsan is now a reknowned name in Pakistan Entertainment Industry. She became a sensation after appearing in acclaimed music show Coke Studio and now she has become somewhat of a brand. It is being said that with Huge power comes huge responsibility. It appears that Momina is taking this saying seriously.

She is striving and inspiring young women with her sincere efforts to address gender disparity in sports and in other aspects of life and is also the one to talk about genuine issues like depression etc publicly.

It all started when Momina was signed as the face of a popular soft drink brand and was shown as a footballer in one of their advertisements. Pakistani squash player Noreena Shams criticized the ad as she said that it would have been better if the football skills shown by Momina- who doesn’t know to play football would have been shown by a real female football player. If you want to break stereotypes then you should do it properly.

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Momina took the advice in a healthy manner and when she was approached to be the face of the promotions of friendly football matches featuring international football players she accepted it on the condition that the captain of Pakistan Football women’s team, Hajra Khan, will also accompany her.

Momina has recently been added in BBC’s top 100 Inspirational Women List 2017 where she has been lauded for her efforts for gender equality in sports.

Momina has been among those who talk about genuine Issues with which people can relate to. She talked about the effect her sudden fame had on her and how she went into depression. She talked about it with #Depression is real hashtag


Part 3: The side you don’t see. #DepressionIsReal #ItOnlyGetsBetterWhenYouGetBetter #LoveYourself

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Momina is working on reclaiming of public spaces by women too.

Momina is also the a part of Islamabad United. She joined only ISLU because it focuses on getting girls into sports and it is co-owned by a woman, Amna Naqvi.

Soon Momina is going to attend auditions in Lahore and Islamabd’s girls schools for cricket as Islamabad United Empowerment Champion.


She is a real inspiration for for every girl and woman and no wonder every girl idolizes her.

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