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Bilal Khan And Mahira Khan Are Setting Our Screens On Fire With Their Shoot For OK Pakistan

Bilal Khan And Mahira Khan Are Setting Our Screens On Fire With Their Shoot For OK Pakistan

When she is not out shutting up her trolls and being bad-ass in general, Mahira Khan is gracing the covers of our favourite magazines to make our hearts skip a beat. Mahira Khan was living her life when a rogue photographer snapped her chilling with Ranbir Kapoor and all hell broke loose. After shutting up her haters with an I-don’t-give-a-fuck statement, Mahira is now all about around the media stratosphere to promote her latest film, Verna.

Recently, Mahira Khan graced the cover of Ok! Magazine where she looked absolutely gorgeous. With a breathtaking ruby lip, gorgeous curls and a dress that looked liquid gold had been poured on her, Mahira embodied perfection.

Source: OK! Pakistan

Here she is looking absolutely stunning posing casually against a helicopter.

Source: Pakistani cinema

Mahira looks like a vision in red as she talks about how she continues to stay sane when the whole world is talking about her. She credits her sanity to her noise cancelling headphones that help her to relax and drown out the opinions around her.

Source: OK! Pakistan

She also talks about the fact that in the end, all that matters is that what she does in her personal life is personal and she owes no explanations to anybody for doing what she wants on her own time.

Source: OK! Pakistan

Here are Bilal Khan and Mahira Khan bringing back retro with their 70s inspired outfits after Bilal had a Q&A with Mahira.

Source: OK! Pakistan

We are absolutely in love with Mahira’s no-fucks-given attitude and the fact that she continues to live her life without bowing down to the opinions of others.


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