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How Whatsapp’s New Feature Is Going To Save Lives

How Whatsapp’s New Feature Is Going To Save Lives

How many times have you had a brain fart and have accidentally sent a message in the wrong WhatsApp chat?
How many times have you wished for the earth to swallow you after sending a message to your significant other that you have immediately regretted?

These scenarios have happened to the best of us. Friendships have been broken, relationships have been ruined and fights have been orchestrated over this. However, Whatsapp’s latest delete for all feature is here to make your lives happier and better.

Thanks to the new feature, you can delete a message after you have already sent it to an individual or in a group. However, the catch is that you have to delete the message within the first seven minutes of sending it. Which is more than enough time to realize what a colossal mistake you have made. Secondly, you can only delete the message before anyone else has seen it.

After deleting the message, instead of the message, the recipient will see a “This message was deleted” alert. Which is another problem in itself. Cause If I received this alert, I would go crazy thinking about what the other person has deleted.

However, all in all, this message is going to make the lives of people so much better. Here are all the ways in which your life will be transformed after getting this new update.

1- Take back the snarky message you sent to your SO 

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You thought you were being all cool and aloof and that saying this thing would mean that you win the fight, but the second you hit the send button, you want to crawl in a hole and die. You realize how you have given an energy boost to this fight and how you are going to regret this action for many days to come. Now you don’t have to get dragged into endless fights and can just delete the message before your gf/bf sees it.

2-You don’t have to get disowned from the family anymore 

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Remember that time you thought you were sending a PG-18 message to your friends but accidentally ended up sending it to your family group? Now everyone knows you as the vulgar son of Mr. and Mrs. Shaikh who wants to tell dirty jokes to his family. Never end up in a situation like this again by deleting that Sunny Leone joke before your mom’s cousin’s daughter in law sees it.

3-Get out of plans you do not want to be a part of 

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You thought you were ready. You thought you could get out of your comfy bed and go meet up with your friends to eat pricey food at a place you don’t like. That’s why you said yes in the group message. Now reality has set in and you do not have the energy to socialize. So replace that yes with a ” sorry I can’t, my mom said no/my cat is sick/I feel sick”.

4-Control your level of cringing 

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This is for all my fellow grammar nerds out there. Don’t you hate it when you accidentally send an incorrect message with a spelling or grammar error? I cringe for a whole five seconds as this happens to me and I think about the fact that people might think that I don’t know basic grammar. Now we don’t have to cringe anymore as we can correct our mistake without anyone ever finding out about it.

5-Coming up with better comebacks is easier now 

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Him: You are an ass
You: Jo Kehta hai wahy Hota Hai.
There are times in life when you are in the middle of a texting fight and you reply back something that makes the vomit rise in the back of your throat. A second later you think of a better comeback but till then the damage is already done. Now with this new update, you can take back your words and replace them with something meaner and more brutal.

If you want to check out this feature for yourself, get the latest WhatsApp update and then text someone who has the same update as this only works if all the parties have the same WhatsApp update. I don’t know about you, but I am going to make my life more peaceful by taking back all the horrible and stupid things I end up saying to people on texts.


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