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Get Ready To Be Starstruck By Sajal Aly’s Mesmerizing Voice

Get Ready To Be Starstruck By Sajal Aly’s Mesmerizing Voice

When you think of Sajal Aly, you may visualize a doe-eyed beauty who made a bang with her acting debut in Bollywood. However, once you take a look at the other work that this beauty has done, you will realize that Sajal Ali is one of the rising stars of the industry who is soon going to take over TV as well as movies with her clearly stellar acting skills.

Sajal Aly blew away everyone with her amazing performance as Arya in the Bollywood movie mom and is now making waves for her roles in O Rangreza and Yaqeen Ka Safar. You cannot open any social media channel without finding rave reviews about the ongoing track in Yaqeen ka Safar.

We thought we had seen the best of this starlet but she has surprised us once again with her melodious singing voice. Sajal Aly made her official singing debut by pairing up with Sahir Ali Bhagga and singing the title of O Rangreza which was previously sung by Sahir Ali Bhagga alone.


Not only does the star look incredibly gorgeous in this video, but she sings like a dream too.

However, this is not the only time that Sajal Aly blew us away with her star power. Here are five other times that we fell in love a bit more with Sajal Ali.

1- Her close bond with Sri Devi 

The two stars grew really close to each other during the shooting of their film Mom and had nothing but good things to say about each other. It was great to see these two stars exchange love for each other across the border and to see Sajal gushing about her on-screen mom.

Source: VeryFilmi

2- A glimpse of Sajal’s childhood 

Sajal recently shared a childhood picture of herself with her sister and we are in awe of how adorable both the sisters look. Sajal Ali has only grown into her looks as she got older.

Source: ARY

3- Sajal Ali jamming it up with Bilal Khan 

The O Rangreza track was not the first time that Sajal Ali gave us a glimpse into her singing talent. She was earlier featured in a video singing Channa Mereya with Bilal Khan and his squad.

Source: The Express Tribune

4- When she stole our hearts in Yaqeen ka Safar 

Sajal’s portrayal of Zubia in Yaqeen ka Safar has pulled at our heartstrings and made us root for her. Her chemistry with Ahad Mir is also one of the best portrayals of love that we have seen on TV.

Source: Dawn Images

5- When she glowed at the HUM TV awards 

Sajal Ali always looks super glamorous but her look at the HUM TV awards deserves a special mention for making her look so gorgeous while still being so understated.

Source: YouTube

We have our eyes set on this rockstar to see what she will do next. We are completely in awe of her star power and can’t wait to see her take over the global stage with the massive amounts of talent she has.

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