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Karachi’s VIP Culture Is Getting Out Of Hand & People Are Quite Angry At It

Karachi’s VIP Culture Is Getting Out Of Hand & People Are Quite Angry At It

The face of Karachi has changed a lot in the past few years. However, one thing that has remained constant throughout it all has been the VIP culture in Karachi.Home to politicians, celebrities and generally brat kids who think that the status of their father in this country makes them superior to everyone and everything.

Social media has always been plagued with the injustices that other people had to suffer due to this. Now just as we thought that maybe Karachi citizens are beginning to take back the reins of their beloved city, a video has emerged to prove us all wrong.

A video posted by the man who became the victim of this act, shows his car accidentally entering into a VIP convoy on the road. As soon as the car enters the VIP zone, guards come over and threaten the man to go back to the normal lane. If that was not enough the guard physically abused and threatened the man as well, going as far as to knock the camera out of the hands of the driver.

Social media has been in an uproar over the incident and has been calling out for a serving of justice.

If you want to witness the true power of social media , then you won’t find a better example than this. Soon after the video went viral , an ASI and constable were suspended. This order came directly from AD Khawaja who saw this act as a gross violation of the powers of police. It’s about time that everyone stands up to this. It’s time to stop these people from thinking that they own the city just because their family has some semi-important position in the country.

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