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Neman Ashraf Needs Your Help To Build His House

Neman Ashraf Needs Your Help To Build His House

Neman Ashraf, the super famous police constable that has won the hearts of thousands on Quora needs your assistance. Quora is a question and answer site with 200 million visitors per month. Neman has quickly amassed a fan following on the site by allowing us a unique glimpse into the life of a low-income government job holder in Pakistan. With 42,300 followers, Neman holds up a mirror to the stark reality of the conditions he lives in.

He has 8.6 million answer views. With a total of 131 answers, that amounts to an average of over 60,000 views per answer. After reading his spectacular answers , many people have advised him to pursue a career as a writer but Neman always retaliated that he did not want to use his writing for financial gain of any kind.


However, Neman has now reached out to his followers to help him provide better living conditions for his family.

“First I need to get some peace for myself that my family is fine, at least in terms of living conditions.” he shared. “The house I’m living in really needs to be rebuilt from the ground up. It was constructed more than 50 years ago and its condition can’t be any worse.”

The house that Neman and his family reside in is constructed of clay which makes it really fragile come monsoon. Besides the precarious condition of the roof, the low boundary walls are a cause for concern as it would make it easy for anyone to enter the house. Whatever the conditions of the house, it was the only house that was available to the policeman after bringing together 16 years of savings accumulated from his job as a policeman.

“It hurts me to see my kids play on the floor since no matter how good you mop it, it still remains messy as dirt keeps coming out of the cracks,” sighed Neman.

How can you lend a hand to Neman?

After talking the issue through with contractors, Neman has been informed that his house needs to be demolished and rebuilt from scratch. The total cost of this whole endeavour would cost around 2002505 or $19,000.


“I want you to trust me when I say this…. I would not have come online to put this plea before you If I could see myself being able to get it done on my own, even in the next decade,” said Neman.

“I can’t make it. Even if I start saving in die hard mode for the rest of my years remaining in service and let’s say if that becomes possible somehow, by that time the construction cost would have tripled anyway”

The only way this can become a reality is if Neman is helped by those of us who wish to lend a helping hand to humankind. He has also been denied loans due to his professions so there is no other way out for him.

If you want to help Neman , then you can contribute to his crowdfunding campaign.

Help Neman Ashraf raise funds to build a house – Crowdfunding Campaign

If you are a Pakistani and would love to contribute, you can also make a wire transfer to Neman Ashraf’s bank account, attached below,

Account Information

Bank: Standard Chartered Bank, Pakistan
Account name: Neman Ashraf
Account Number: 01716697201
IBAN Number: PK66SCBL0000001716697201
Swift code: SCBLPKKX

Alternatively, you can send payments via Paypal to Neman’s brother, Adnan, who will then make sure the money ends up in the right hands.

Paypal Information


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