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AIOU’s Part In Making Pakistan A Better Place For Transgenders

AIOU’s Part In Making Pakistan A Better Place For Transgenders

In midst of all the horrible news about transgenders being beaten and shot for simply existing, there comes a news that makes you believe that humanity is indeed alive.

Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) has launched a programme that is going to offer free education the transgender community of Pakistan. This is a monumental step in making sure that transgenders are given the same level of opportunities to thrive in life as are other people.

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The problem with the world is that instead of treating transgenders simply as the third gender, as something as normal as being a male or female, society instead treats them like an abomination. This makes sure that transgenders do not get access to the opportunities that the rest of the people get presented with. They cannot go to schools or universities like other people, they cannot get jobs like other people and they cannot become a functioning member of the society like other people. The only options left for them are to embrace the loud dramatic caricature that society has drawn out for them and beg for a living or sell out their body in order to survive.

By making sure that they too have access to education, AIOU is playing a huge part in making their lives better. This is not the first instance of AIOU working towards making this world a little more tolerant for those who are often neglected by society. AIOU has been providing free education to physically handicapped as well as visually impaired students since a long time. These people are provided education from matriculation to Ph.D. level. Furthermore, AIOU has also been providing free education to people in jail so that they do not waste their time in other frivolous activities and instead emerge out as responsible members of the society.

The university has also recently launched programs in Chakwal, Nankana Sahib, Thatta, and Kharian. These programs provide free education to girls who had to drop out of school and had to forego educational opportunities.    “I recently visited the Thatta center where the spirit of the girls was worth watching. 400 girls have cleared the examination for class 8 out of which 377 have now taken admission in Matric,” he added.

This historic move by the university has been lauded by many and the university has started receiving applications for the program as well.



Applicants to the programme were asked to approach the university to ensure their admission for semester autumn 2017. The last date of admission was September 28, which was later extended to October 10, to allow a maximum number of aspirants to be admitted.

We just hope that other places follow this amazing example set by AIOU and open their doors to the transgender community. You too should play your part in making the world feel a little better and safer for this community. Don’t gawk at them and make them do stupid stuff for amusement. What’s one-day happening to them could happen to us too.So pledge to become better human beings and don’t let someone’s genitals be the cause of the misery they suffer.


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