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United Nations To Use Burka Avenger To Fight Extremism

United Nations To Use Burka Avenger To Fight Extremism


Everyone’s favorite Pakistani superhero by the name of Burka Avenger has made its way into everyone’s hearts. This little girl superhero has fought everyone from corrupt superheroes to rogue extremists who have tried to become barriers to the education of girls. The best thing about this superhero is that it takes a stark contrast against the conventional superheroes we have grown up with. Instead of using extraordinary weapons and over the top schemes, Burka Avenger uses pens and books to fight the bad guys.
The protagonist of the series is called Jiya. Jiya is a teacher by day and a veiled avenger by night. This spectacular series saw its debut launch in Pakistan and then went on to be launched in Afghanistan, India, and Indonesia. It has also been produced in different languages like Urdu, Tamil, Hindi, Pashto, and Indonesian.

Source: YouTube

Now the popularity of The Burka Avenger has seeped from the television audiences to the United Nations itself. The UN is looking forward to tapping into the growing popularity of the show to integrate it with a campaign that focuses on the role of women in combating extremism.


The creator of the series Haroon Rashid will be speaking at the UN Women Conference in Bangkok this week. He will be speaking about different approaches to promote the role of women in peacebuilding activities.

Source: YouTube

Although there is no official partnership yet, the UN agency and Rashid both said they were keen to explore collaboration, including by making Burka Avenger an ambassador.

“Burka Avenger can be a great messenger not only for women’s issues but because it’s animation, you can highlight very sensitive issues, it makes them [appear] softer,” Rashid said.

The Burka Avenger not only promotes the power of using words over weapons but also removes the stigma that is attached with wearing a veil in the western world. By using the veil as a part of her identity, this series is revising the notion that the burka is a symbol of oppression.

“We believe that will help spread the message on a larger scale, to a larger audience,” the pop star said.

People can’t actually believe that there is a burka wearing superhero and have taken to Twitter to express their surprise.

They are also calling for this brilliant show to get a spot in Netflix.

The show is getting plenty of love from all over.

The creator of the show is also getting appreciated for creating this wonderful character.



It’s finally great to see the image of the burka being associated with something positive in the eyes of the western world and to see Pakistani artists being applauded in the global arena for their work. If you want to see what all the hype is about then catch a look of this amazing series to see Pakistan’s own wonder woman.

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