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App Based Taxis To Get Their Fares Regulated By The Government

App Based Taxis To Get Their Fares Regulated By The Government

Pakistani transport is quickly being taken over by different types of app based taxis. What started as apps for calling cars has now expanded into apps for calling rickshaws too. App based taxis like Careem and Uber have become extremely popular in Pakistan surpassing the demand for regular taxis and rickshaws.

Seeing the popularity of these apps, taxi drivers staged a protest in the Islamabad against these services. After witnessing the protest, the Islamabad Transport Authority put forward a list of proposals for these app based services. They suggested that app based service vehicles should have to display stickers so that they could be identified as taxis. The ITA also suggested that these vehicles should follow government regulated tariffs instead of setting their own rates.

These proposals were made to end the long running feud between traditional taxis and app based taxis.
Talking to APP, ITA Secretary Jawad Muzaffar said after several rounds of consultations with taxi drivers and ride-sharing services such as Careem and Uber, ITA had put forward some recommendations to streamline the affairs.

The ITA was also making a checklist to make sure that all legal and technical loopholes are being covered.

This checklist would be shared with the concerned departments for consultation.

The recommendations, Muzaffar said, include fitness certificate to private cars working for the ride-sharing services. The certificate would be issued by Motor Vehicle Examiner (MVE).

“We would issue a fare list to the app-based services which they would have to follow strictly,” Muzaffar said, adding that insurance for passengers insurance would also be mandatory for their safety.

“We had also received a proposal from the director of the Excise and Taxation Department that app-based vehicles’ status should be converted from private to commercial,” the ITA secretary said.


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