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The Matrimony Business Just Got More Professional With A Linked In Based Marriage App

The Matrimony Business Just Got More Professional With A Linked In Based Marriage App

Nowadays you cannot open a newspaper or log into your social media account without an ad for a matrimonial site popping up. Much like our desi rishta aunties, matrimonial sites promise to help you find your soulmate.

Nowadays there are matrimonial apps for every single niche. From religion centric apps to apps reserved solely for graduates of a certain university. Now a new matrimony site has just entered the market because people think developing sites to help you find someone to marry is apparently more important than putting all those money and resources to some other use.

Promatch boasts the distinction of being India’s first professional matrimony app. The app uses your Linkedin profile to find your life partner.
Yes, you read that right. Linked In is finally going to be relevant and useful again. I don’t how a site that has hardly helped anyone find a decent job is going to help people find someone to marry.

Promatch wants to help you marry someone by skipping all the usual desi details like caste etc and go straight to the part that really matters -MONEY.

”With Promatch, we aim to make a formal platform where using your LinkedIn profile you can discover people from the same profession, same income group or even the same company for a meaningful relationship”.

This totally unique site was founded by a husband and wife duo from India.

28-year-old software developer Akshay and 26-year-old Dipali came up with the idea for this after thorough research of India’s cultural landscape and after a failed attempt to launch a dating app.

”Presently, given India’s cultural system, it is very difficult to find a partner through dating apps or matrimonial sites. On the one hand, dating apps are unreliable and full of flirts and on the other hand, the matrimony ones are Orthodox, limiting and mostly used by parents,”

”So why not create a middle ground, take the usability of dating apps and reliability of matrimony apps,” says Akshay.

As an initial offer,  first-time users get 30 days free trial and thereafter, the monthly plan starts from Rs 300.


While the husband wife duo claims that people are responding very well to the app, the reality is quite different.

Many have accused the site of promoting class discrimination.

While many have accused this site of promoting class discrimination, it’s founders remain hopeful that it will usher in a new era of matrimonial site based marriages.

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