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Hackers Threaten To Leak Final Episode Of Game Of Thrones

Hackers Threaten To Leak Final Episode Of Game Of Thrones

With the way game of thrones, episodes are being leaked this season, I just feel pity for the IT guy at HBO.

Hackers by the name of Mr.Smith group hacked the Twitter account of several HBO executives and revealed that they have stolen 1.5 terabytes of data from HBO.

After this breach was reported, several different hacking groups tried to take advantage of this leak. If that was not enough, HBO Spain accidentally aired an episode of this season way before it’s time.

Moreover, the fourth episode of the season was leaked by four IT professionals from India. The reasons behind the leak were that one of the guys wanted to please his girlfriend. Let me just say, if a guy leaked a GoT episode for me, I’d definitely marry him.


Now the same guys who claimed to have stolen data from HBO are threatening to leak the final episode of the season unless they are paid $6.5 billion in Bitcoin. The hackers emailed their plans to popular site Mashable. They revealed login data for HBO executives for several sites as well as their plans to leak the finale of GoT.

“Be ready for GOT S& E6 &E7 as soon as possible,” they wrote in the same email.
Despite the warnings in the email, episode 6 aired without any disruptions so now all eyes are on the finale.
This is what HBO had to say about this whole hacking business.

“We are not in communication with the hacker and we’re not going to comment every time a new piece of information is released,” the statement said. “It has been widely reported that there was a cyber incident at HBO. The hacker may continue to drop bits and pieces of stolen information in an attempt to generate media attention. That’s a game we’re not going to participate in.”

People all over the world are desperately waiting for the finale of this highly exciting season.

Honestly, if the episode is leaked it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. I mean I would be doing somersaults up and down the street and I am sure that a few other people might echo my feelings too.

Leak or no leak, We are all super excited about the finale. Whether it is to see Jon Snow bang his aunt Danaerys or see the highly coveted meeting between Cersei, Tyrion, Jamie, and Jon.

Just putting this out here to keep you excited about the next episode.

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  1. Umair Ahmad Syed Sami Haider

    1. Umair Ahmad says:

      Hope for the best

  2. Waleed Bin Nasir lulz don’t have to wait another week

    1. ab aa he jae 😛 kon sa agli aani hai jo uss ka wait karna hoga 😛 mai toh kehta hun aj he kar den leak

  3. Syed Subhan says:

    Hackers hurry up please

  4. Samee Rehman says:

    Saima Kanwal Attique
    Rida Rao

    1. Waitinggggg kabsey….!!! I wonder whats taking them so much time

    1. Ali Faizan says:

      in’sha’Allah 😀

  5. Bilal Ali says:

    Shirjeel Khan Niazi Isaac Opher Ullah

    1. Bilal Ali says:

      They should do it

    1. Adam Anwar says:

      Inhein kaho leak karain

    2. Adam Anwar says:

      Inaam mein doon ga

    3. Adam Anwar says:

      Bc inko chahiye kay finale before date release kar dein khud. Official.


    1. Inshallah leak hoga

    1. Mohd Ehsan says:

      threats should be followed by actions . sastay hackers

    1. Zain Khalid says:

      Kardein. Maza ajayega xD

  6. Haris Khalid says:

    Please do it quick I can”nt wait.

  7. Adnan Warris says:

    Lazy hackers hurry up

  8. Tahir Omer says:

    Marvi Ashok Saira Hissam…

  9. Daniyal Khan says:

    Masoom Asad
    MuhAmmad UmEr

    1. Daniyal Khan says:

      Aa rhi hai episode jaldi tention na le

  10. Abdullah Ali says:

    Hassan Aftab Tafveez Mehdi there is hope 😀

  11. Waqar Ahmed says:

    Muhammad Abdullah

  12. Osama Ch says:

    Leak it already

  13. We will not watch finale episode in shit result.. Leak it in HD.. 😀

  14. Sara Saqib says:

    Tayyaba Najib what’s taking them so long?

  15. Osama Imadi Ahtisham Cheema Fahad Yousafzai a rahi ha guys

    1. well u were right about the dragon

    2. it will breathe fire 😀

  16. Asfandyar Ahmed Kohati becharay

  17. Mohsin Khan plz krdo

  18. Usman Bashir says:

    Hassan Bashir Mohammad Hassan NK

    1. Ho hi jaye no more wait.

    1. Danyal Khan says:

      Han na fake thori hai ye.

    2. Danyal Khan says:

      Its a pre planned rating game

    3. Nauman Ahmed says:

      Bhai nahi hai pre planned

    4. Danyal Khan says:

      Iss se aur rating milegi samjha kar

    5. Danyal Khan says:

      Jo nhe dekhtay wo bhi dekhay gy

  19. Usuf Masood says:

    Farheen Shaikh lool.. aya re ayaaa..

  20. Yaaaasss please Nahyan Waqar

    1. Nahyan Waqar says:

      They already have paid half the sum which is 6 million dollars !!

    1. Umer Hamid says:

      Yeah I heard, lets hope not.

  21. Solution: tell HBO to aired it sooner