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Gulalai Sets Tongues Wagging With Her Turban-Clad Entry In National Assembly

Gulalai Sets Tongues Wagging With Her Turban-Clad Entry In National Assembly

Ayesha Gulalai dominated the news cycles with her shocking exit from PTI and has continued to shock the public ever since. The lawmaker left PTI after accusing PTI chief Imran Khan of sending her indecent messages.


Now Gulalai has gained notoriety after many have accused her of lying. Since she has not produced any evidence to support her claims against the party, many are calling this a desperate attempt to gain fame or revenge against Imran Khan for not putting her on the ticket. While Ayesha was vehemently denied her intentions to resign from the assembly, PTI lawmakers are pressurizing her to do so.

Yesterday, the lawmaker attended a National Assembly session while wearing a turban. The reasoning behind wearing the turban was that Razia Sultana too dressed like a man when she fighting men alone.

“I am from the Wazir tribe and an author has described us as Panthers, who hunt alone, so I am here, alone, not accompanied by anyone and I and my family members are fighting against a mafia alone,” Ayesha Gulalai.

Gulalai, who entered the house in the middle of proceedings, captivated the audience with her attire. However as soon as the session ended, she was surrounded by women lawmakers who tried to take selfies with her. PTI MNA Musrat Zeb was also one of the few people who wanted a picture with Gulalai in her new style.

“Please stay there for a second…I am taking your picture,” said Musrat Zeb before taking her photo at the stairs.

Gulalai is seriously hurting her cause with dramatic acts like these. Even if she is telling the truth, this is not the way to get the world to believe her. Nothing will hurt her cause more than things like these which make the public think that she is doing this all for fame.

Here’s how twitter reacted to this.

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