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Man Who Stabbed Woman 23 Times Given Sentence Of Seven Years

Man Who Stabbed Woman 23 Times Given Sentence Of Seven Years

Before May 23rd, 2016 Khadija Siddiqui and Shah Hussain were classmates at The Insititute of Legal Studies Lahore. After that day, they were compliant and accused in a legal case that saw justice prevail over power.

Khadija Siddiqui came in the eyes of the nation when she was stabbed twenty-three times by Shah Hussain. Khadija and Shah Hussain were classmates in law school. On May 23rd, 2016 Shah Hussain attacked Khadija near Shimla Hill. The witness to these attacks was Khadija’s younger sister and her driver.

Khadija had always dreamed of being a lawyer so she could come to the aid of those who could not fight for themselves. Never had she imagined in her life that instead of being the one in the black coat defending someone else, she would be the one that needed defending. During the time the case was going on, Khadija had to go through intense character assassination in the court, all because she wanted to see her attacker be put behind bars.The opposing counsel tried to slut shame her, questioned her virginity and even tried to malign the alleged relationship between Khadija and Shah Hussain.  The same nation who raised a hue and cry about “the daughter of nation” Maryam Nawaz being brought to court and how it was such a moment of shame for the country, did not bat an eye when Khadija was shamed in front of the court. Shah Hussain tried everything from coercion to threats to get Khadija to back down but she stood firm.

Ever since then Khadija has pulled out all stops to get justice for herself. Since the past one year, she has been embroiled in a legal battle with the accused Shah Hussain who is the son of a prominent lawyer Tanveer Hussain. A sessions court had granted Hussain bail after being in jail for two months due to the influence of his powerful father.
In May, Khadija had to go through emotional trauma when she had to sit in the same place as her attacker to give her exams. Khadija’s counsel presented eleven witnesses to the court to establish the charge of attempted murder.

Khadija’s younger sister who witnessed the entire incident was traumatized for days. She too was stabbed in the back while trying to save her sister from her attacker.  The reason that the accused inflicted such brutal injuries on Khadija was that she refused his advances.

However, after 14 months of holding out hope, Khadija finally saw justice prevail as Shah Hussain was found guilty.
The decision was announced by Magistrate Mubashir Awan who found Shah Hussain guilty of attempted murder. The court then ordered law enforcement officials to immediately arrest Hussain.

Here’s Khadija recounting the incident in her own words.

I had gone to pick my younger sister, from her school, which is also my former school. As I made my sister board the car and was about to make my way in, a ruthless creature clad in a helmet pounced on me. In the blink of an eye, I was pushed on the backseat with enormous force by uninterrupted gashes. Not twice or thrice but 23 times brutally leaving no stone unturned whilst attacking. He kept lacerating me till I was immersed in blood, just like you see puddles of water after the rain I was in a puddle of blood. I lay lifeless in the middle of Davis Road being declared dead by the bevy of men surrounding me. It has been a year now but the dreadful scene still plays in my mind and sends shivers down my spine.

Soon after the court decision was announced, Khadija’s lawyer who has been a constant source of support during these trying times, tweeted this.

Khadija herself summed up her happiness with this one single tweet.

Digital Activist Nighat Dad who lent her constant support and encouragement to Khadija, tweeted this video of Shah Hussain being taken into custody.

Judicial Magistrate Mubashir Awan found suspect Shah Hussain guilty of stabbing the law student in a bid to kill her under Section 324 (attempt to commit qatl-i-amd) and sentenced him to seven years of imprisonment and imposed a fine of Rs50,000. In the case of default, he will have to undergo additional imprisonment of one year.

The court also convicted him under Section 337AI of the PPC for causing grievous injuries to the victim and awarded two years of imprisonment and asked the suspect to pay Rs50,000 as Daman (compensation determined by the trial court). He was sentenced to another five years of imprisonment under Section 337AIII of the PPC and was ordered to pay 84,016 as Arsh (compensation for hurting human organ).

The court also handed down five years of imprisonment under Section 337 FII and three years under Section 337 FIV of the PPC to the suspect and ordered him to pay Rs10,0000 as Daman. He shall not be released even after the completion of his term till he pays Daman and Arsh, the court ruled.

This decision is bigger than just Khadija’s fight for justice. This case proved that in this new era of Pakistan, justice will rule supreme over everything else. Power will have to bend the knee in front of the judicial system. This case will help many other women like Khadija speak out against the injustices faced by them. Men like Shah Hussain will think thousands of times before committing such atrocious acts.
Though we still think that Shah Hussain got off lightly and he should have to suffer more for thinking that his powerful father would help him get away with ruining a girl’s life, this is a start.
Here’s hoping that this decision springs a new era in the legal system of Pakistan where justice will trump all.



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