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How The International Media Responded To Nawaz Sharif’s Disqualification

How The International Media Responded To Nawaz Sharif’s Disqualification

28th July 2017 will forever be etched into the memory of Pakistanis as the day the supreme court delivered a fatal blow to the Sharif Political dynasty. While Pakistanis were over themselves with elation, this is how the rest of the world reacted to this news.

UK leading daily, The Independent presented a brief account of the proceedings that led to Nawaz’s disqualification and subsequent resignation.


China took the diplomatic route and offered no commentary on the proceedings but rather presented the points of the case as mere facts.

Al-Jazeera wrote a detailed post with the intermingling of opinions and facts as well as the reactions of PML-N post the verdict.

CNN put out a brief story highlighting Calibri font as the hero of the entire saga. This short was also played on Buzzfeed.

India Times contemplated about the future of Pakistan rather than talking about the events leading up to the actual dismissal.

Asia Pacific talked about Pakistan’s fate in the hands of the military.

BBC gave a detailed report on the prevalent climate in Pakistan after dismissal of Nawaz Sharif

Indian newspaper The Hindu brought the ongoing CPEC into mix by talking about the effect of Nawaz’s dismissal on CPEC.

Sputnik International discussed the implications of Panama Papers by comparing Nawaz Sharif to other leaders named in the papers



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