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All The Important Tech News You Need To Know This Week

All The Important Tech News You Need To Know This Week

Speaking from my own experience, I know people love to be updated on what’s going on in the world of technology but again like me, they just don’t have the patience to read through lengthy articles. So here I am bringing to you, a tech news roundup all in layman terms. Consider this your Tech News for Dummies Edition 1.

The iPhone 8 is coming 

One thing that brings people together in a collective frenzy regardless of age, gender, religion and every other discriminatory barrier is the announcement of a new iPhone. iPhone is just about to grace our lives and the grapevine is swirling with news about the highly anticipated phone. One of the most important revelations is that we’ll have to say goodbye to the ever-consistent Home button. Pictures of the leaked iPhone have shown a noticeable absence of the home button and the fingerprint scanner leading to speculations that it will be the first iPhone to have a scanner under the glass. While other reports have suggested that the fingerprint scanner will be a part of the larger power button on the side. Only time will tell what will the new iPhone be like. Till then we can just look at these gorgeous pictures and think about the organ which we can live without in order to afford the new model.


JavaScript Goes Desi 

A Pakistani entrepreneur has come up with a brilliant solution to make it possible for more people from Pakistan to learn to program. All the current programming languages are in English, which make it hard for many programmers to completely master coding due to language barriers. The program titled Urdu script will allow programmers to run JavaScript in Roman Urdu. This amazing initiative has been brought by Asad Memon, the technical co-founder of Remote Interview, a silicon valley based startup. Asad also believes in giving back to the community by conducting training sessions for programmers on different topics.

Goodbye Microsoft Paint 

Microsoft’s beloved Paint software which was the highlight of our childhoods is soon going to disappear from our lives. The software which has been credited with sparking the fire of creativity in many and has been called Photoshop for amateurs is soon going to be scrapped after a new Windows update. Microsoft’s Falls Creators Update for Windows 10 has put the development and support for MS Paint on hold, making its future uncertain.

This is the roundup of all the important technology news that you must know in order to stay relevant and so you don’t feel like a dummy when all your friends are discussing the latest news. I’ll be back with another version of Tech News for Dummies. Till then go and use paint one more time and paint that classical picture of two mountains and then sun before MsPaint leaves our lives.

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