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Pakistan And It’s Newfound Obsession With Ludo Star

Pakistan And It’s Newfound Obsession With Ludo Star

You can’t find a Pakistani child whose childhood hasn’t been dominated by intense games of Ludo. The super popular board game has been mending and breaking relationships since its inception. Now the popular board game has an online version and people can’t stop going gaga over it.

Of course, this isn’t the first time we have discovered a game and played it all the time eventually getting sick of it and abandoning it. From  Flappy Bird to Quiz Up and Pokemon Go, many a game has withstood our intense obsession with it.

Personally, I don’t understand the appeal. I mean what is the use of playing Ludo if you can’t ruin the whole game by uprooting the board when you are losing. But eh, it’s just me cause the desis can’t get enough.

Disclaimer: Do not play the game with friends and family unless you want to bring up old resentments and start pissing contests.

At least with Quiz Up, we were learning something, even if the learning solely consisted of memorizing all the K3G dialogues that we could.

I give it a month. A month and then we are going to get distracted by some other fancy thing. Maybe an online version of Cheel Urri?

But of-course till then, we are going to relish every moment that we win in this game by boasting it on social media and then get embarrassed when we stumble upon our rants a few years later.

May the odds be ever in your favor and may pakki gotis be invincible.

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