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Irfan Pathan Schooled Pakistani Moral Brigade On Trolling His Wife

Irfan Pathan Schooled Pakistani Moral Brigade On Trolling His Wife

As a desi myself, I can say this with absolute conviction, that there is nothing more we desis like than Biryani and forcing our opinions down everyone’s throat. From politicians to musicians, there is no one that can escape our judgy little eyes. So it’s no wonder that when you arm us with the power of the internet and the shroud of anonymity, nothing will stop us from inflicting others with our thoughts and opinions.

Recently, Indian cricketer Yusuf Pathan and his wife become the victim of our so called moral police. Yusuf who belongs to a Muslim family is rarely seen with his wife in the public eye and seldom posts pictures with her. But recently when he decided to commit the horrible crime of doing something that everyone else does all the time, the moral police came in full swing to discipline him. The Newly wed couple recently posted this picture on social media and awoke the moral fanatics from their deep slumber.

When a normal person looks at this picture, they see an adorable couple. They see that Irfan’s wife is wearing an abaya and even has her face covered. But the moral police saw her hands and nail-polish and decided to kick up a storm.

Behold the internet trolls of our generation, ready to school anyone and everyone.

After all, what good moral schooling lesson is complete without mentioning the lollipop metaphor.

Someone finally got the guts to call the trolls out for ruining a perfectly nice moment and picture with their holier than thou attitude.

Here’s what Irfan had to say about the whole thing.



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