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When Will India Learn How To Take A Joke

When Will India Learn How To Take A Joke

Say what you may about Pakistan, but at-least our politicians know to keep mum when they are being made fun of. Pakistani twitter is all about politician bashing, social justice, and venting. You can’t open any social media channel without coming across one of the millions of Nawaz Sharif memes circulating the internet. Knowing that he has done probably everything and anything to deserve them, Nawaz Sharif ignores it all.

However, the prime minister from across the border isn’t as cool and aloof as our PM. Raucous Indian comedy troupe The All India Backchod has landed in hot water again after tweeting out a meme against PM Modi.

AIB is no stranger to controversy as it has always made enemies due to its explicit comedy routine. The group first came into the spotlight after the AIB roast in which Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Kapoor were roasted in front of an audience by numerous comedians. What enraged everyone from the local public to politicians was the raunchy comedy that was part of the roast.


After that matter was done and dusted with, AIB founder Tanmay Bhatt become the focus of ire when his Sachin Tendulkar and Lata Mangeshkar face swap Snapchats went viral. Sachin who holds a god like status in India was found to be too untouchable of a personality to be made fun of. The story and the public’s hatred for Tanmay dominated tv screens for many news cycles to come and made Snapchat a household name in India.

Now after a meme was tweeted by AIB about PM Modi, a FIR has been registered against the group by the Mumbai Cyber Cell. The meme showed the PM using Snapchat’s highly popular dog filter. After the twitter police took up its arms against the meme and tweeted to numerous law handles to take an action against this apparent “disrespect”, the meme was taken down by AIB.

After the meme was taken down, Tanmay Bhatt ranted against people’s reaction to the completely innocent joke.

India has always had a spotty track record with freedom of speech but this is taking it to a new low. Perhaps Modi is taking out a page from Trump’s book who makes it his personal mission to reply to every person who criticizes him. But even Trump doesn’t have time to respond to every single person who calls him an Orange Cheeto on Twitter. Freedom of speech makes it possible for everyone to openly express their opinion. We would even understand the outrage if the meme criticized Modi or insulted him, but I don’t know why a picture showing a person looking like Modi with a dog filter is insulting to so many people. While there were a lot of people who called for action to be taken against AIB, there was an equal lot who thought that this whole thing was ridiculous. Numerous comedians and media personnel came out in defense of this joke.

The whole ridiculous controversy can be perfectly summed up with this tweet

TL:DR: India needs to learn to take a joke.

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