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Will Sushma Swaraj Be This Woman’s Savior Amid India-Pakistan Tensions?

Will Sushma Swaraj Be This Woman’s Savior Amid India-Pakistan Tensions?

For Indians stuck in problems all around the world, Sushma Swaraj has been their knight in shining armor. She has saved individuals stuck in war zones, granted visas to those in need and brought justice to those victimized.

India has been the hub of medical care for Pakistanis due to their vastly superior medical strides. People often seek to go to India for transplant surgeries and India has been lenient in granting them medical visas.

But recently due to the rising tensions between the two nations, India has been denying visas to Pakistanis. This move has thousands of people in the lurch. They even put next to impossible requirements for medical visas such as getting a letter from Pakistan’s Foreign Minister himself.

While the two countries duke it out on the borders, people desperate in need of medical care are the ones who are caught in the crossfire. A 25-year-old Pakistani woman who has cancer was denied an Indian visa. Faiza Tanveer was supposed to go to India to get treatment for recurrent ameloblastoma, an aggressive cancerous oral tumor.

Faiza was supposed to get her treatment from Inderprastha Dental College and Hospital (IDCH) in Ghaziabad and had already paid Rs 1 million in advance for treatment. After her visa was rejected, citing the fragile ties between the two neighbors, embassy officials advised her to get Pakistan’s Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz to write a letter to Sushma Swaraj regarding her visa.


Opting for treatment in Pakistan was not an option as local medical professionals at Jinnah Hospital told her that they would be able to perform chemotherapy after removing her eyeball as the tumor was too close to her eyes.
Faiza preferred India’s treatment option more and the fact that the treatment in India was cheaper than Singapore or USA.

The Indian hospital had quoted the cost of the treatment to come about $20,000, and Rs.1.6 million had been raised by Faiza’s class fellows for her treatment.

After her visa was rejected, Faiza tweeted her plea to Sushma Swaraj.

Swaraj has a record of granting visas immediately to individuals in need of dire treatment. She had recently given visas to a child and his family who were seeking urgent medical treatment in India.

It remains to be seen if Faiza’s pleas are answered by the two nations or will she become collateral damage in a long fought war.

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