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Pakistan Day or SALE Day??? Really…What Was It Yesterday…?!!

Pakistan Day or SALE Day??? Really…What Was It Yesterday…?!!

The historical essence of 23rd March seems like a chapter in books that is closed a long time ago and people could hardly remember what the day actually meant. We live in a country full of unpredictable situations and unexpected events that foresee the future of our generations. Unfortunate to notice that instead of realizing the contributions and sacrifices of our ancestors in making this country a homeland; we prefer to gain personal benefits on national holidays.

Be it Independence Day, Resolution Day, Defence Day, Quaid-e-Azam or Allama Iqbal’s birthdays, we now get the motivation to avail BIG sales and discounts from every other brand, restaurant, and companies. Rather encouraging and developing thought provoking spirit among the young generation especially, the market trends have taken the national holidays towards an unfortunate direction.

With reference to the current 23rd March’s BIG Sales and offers by renowned companies, websites, and most wanted lawn brands, people are going crazy over spending. It seems that sales and discounts mean everything to Pakistanis and the business class. Markets have emerged as profit making hub only that provoke people to shop unnecessarily through such inappropriate offers.

I wonder if any shopkeeper or businessman would even know how difficult it was to earn for living in the era of 23rd March 1940. Were there more demands of business benefits rather country benefits? These questions haul towards the dangerous outcomes we face in the current situation of the country.

It is evident that economy uplifts a country’s image and revenue frequency but days like National Day and Independence Day are to be celebrated with much vigor of courage, dedication, and determination to make the country a better and peaceful place. Our forefathers did not take basic necessities for granted the way we are taking by wasting time, spending money unnecessarily, arguing over politics and developing conflicts.

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We as a nation need to unite not to avail sales and discounts but to strengthen our belief and commitment towards our homeland. You can go shopping anytime of the year and get sale offers even other than these holidays but I suggest our young generation come forward with more about the dedication and development for the country which makes us a strong and united nation forever!

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