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Author: Salman Younas

Become A PeriFeed Star!

Hey, guys! Here is your chance to become a “PeriFeed Star” Want to be the one? It’s simple! 1. Shoot a video of 2-4 minutes 2. Share it with us through message or email at 3. If we feel that the video is good enough, we’ll share it on our page 4. If your shared video gets 10K plus views, you’ll be rewarded. 5. If we feel that you have got some serious talent, you can become a part of “Team PeriFeed”. (Students are encouraged) So what are you waiting for… Shoot, Share & Become A Star  T&C:...

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This Is What Different Politicians And Media Persons Said About Panama Case Verdict

From the last few months, The Supreme Court of Pakistan was hearing PanamaGate scandal case. There were many stakeholders involved in the case including the Prime Minister and his family. Hence, the case grabbed the attention of every other Pakistani and this remained the hottest topic of discussion everywhere. Before the court’s verdict, there were many speculations across the country about the verdict including the disqualification of the Prime Minister. Yesterday, the court’s verdict was announced by honorable judges. The interesting fact of the verdict was that every stakeholder took it as their win. Politicians from different parties used their twitter profiles to express their...

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Pakistanis Are Trolling Maryam Nawaz For Her Old Tweet And The World Can’t Stop Laughing

It’s been years that government has been promising innocent Pakistanis to provide enough electricity for their use and to eliminate any power cuts. But this summer, the duration of power outage throughout the country has begun to rise with temperature. People have already started protesting against unscheduled electricity load-shedding but the situation doesn’t seem to be controllable. This protest has taken place on social media as well where someone highlighted following tweet of Maryam Nawaz, posted a year ago. Pakistan will Insha'Allah be having surplus energy by 2017. PM's new energy policy? "…. You want it? We got it" …. Sherrrr...

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