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Author: Natasha Uderani

That’s How Social Media Responded To Imran Khan For Wearing The Jinnah Cap

Imran Khan may not have been able to win the elections but he has been winning the social media game for a very long time. Recently the retired cricket captain and our second favourite politician ( The first place obviously goes to Sheikh Rasheed ) recently addressed lawyers in Karachi wearing the iconic cap worn by Jinnah.  The cap was presented to him by the lawyers he was addressing. Here’s how Twitter reacted to Jinnah adorning the cap.  #JinnahCap has almost vanished from #Pakistan’s political & social scene… Good to see #ImranKhan donning it… & he is carrying it...

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The Desi Version of Gucci Gang That You Need To Hear Right Now

Unless you live under a rock or you find all your music from browsing the top ten list of , then chances are that you know about the viral hit Gucci Gang. The song is steadily climbing up the charts and has become an instant earworm. Like all popular songs, this song too has many covers but there is one cover that stands tall above all and that is the desi reimagining of this song by a YouTube channel called RwnlPwnl. This channel has amazing desi parodies of some of your favorite songs but nothing beats the hilarity of...

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The Government Just Claimed To End The Load-Shedding And Pakistanis Roasted It All Over

The current government has done a lot of things in their stint as the ruling party in the country. Their leaders have topped the lists of international investigative scandals, they have made a mockery of themselves by the incessant tweeting of Maryam Nawaaz and yet one thing that they have not been able to do is to put an end to load shedding. However recently, the official PMLN account posted a claim that Pakistan was now free of load-shedding and all hell broke loose.  Congratulations Pakistan 🇵🇰 You are free of load-shedding#RoshniPromisedRoshniDelivered — PML(N) (@pmln_org) December 3, 2017 PMLN supporters...

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Murder Suspect Gets VIP Treatment In Karachi

The world is scaling new heights but one thing that has remained the same despite it all is the VIP culture in Karachi. In an instance of distressing news this week, we saw the main accused in the Shahzeb Khan murder case get a chance to walk free after murdering someone. On the heels of this news, we witnessed another instance of VIP culture in Karachi when a murder incited by road rage was treated with nonchalance because the accused was someone important. Khawar Burney injured one and killed another person in an incident of road rage which was followed by...

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