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You Need To Check This Amazing Musical Skit On An Indian - Pakistani Wedding

You Need To Check This Amazing Musical Skit On An Indian – Pakistani Wedding

Shaadi season is on and every day there are numerous wedding functions being held in the cool weather of our country. A new trend that has been growing in the last few years is the dance performances by the bride and groom and their respective families on Mehndi function or the reception.

People try to be innovative about the songs they are going to perform on and also the concepts that they are going to show through their performances. There are proper choreographers hired to train all the family members and conceptualize and choreograph different dance performances. All this frenzy has led to some extremely wonderful dances which went viral on social media.

Just recently, there was a couple’s video where they performed on the national anthem of Pakistan that went viral. Some were amazed by the unique idea while some people didn’t take it well and were angry over using national anthem.

Then there was a dance performance on the famous song “Despacito” which went viral due to the absolute energy of the dancing couple.

And now, another beautiful video has gone viral of a wedding. The special thing about the video is the story of how love conquers all. The video is from the wedding of Batool Zaidi (bride) who hails from India and Asad Raza Khan (groom) who hails from Pakistan.

The musical skit shows how they met and fell in love


It shows how they have situation against them


It shows that their love conquered all the issues and now they are getting married after conquering the hinderances including different nationalities and distance between the two countries.


With the help of some famous Bollywood songs and situations, their beautiful love story is depicted in front of the world.

Watching this beautiful love story one gets a goofy smile and feels like cheering for the couple


People are going crazy over the skit on social media websites. Here are some reactions

Here is the complete video for you to watch.


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