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Open Letter From Little Zainab For Whole Pakistan

Open Letter From Little Zainab For Whole Pakistan

Dear Pakistan,

You may know me as the poor girl who was raped and killed. You may know me as the face of the newfound outrage against rapists and the corrupt system that allows incidents like mine to happen. Or you may know me as the new addition to the forlorn tales of those caught in Kasuri’s rampant child molestation problem.
In whatever way you may know me from this day forward, I just want to tell you how I was so much more than that. I had my own hopes and dreams. I wanted to become something in life. I did not want to end up as a national headline with the pictures of my dead body plastered across every newspaper and every TV channel.

Pakistan, you failed me. You failed each and every child across the country that suffered a fate similar to mine. Your apathy to the incidents in Kasur made my abductor feel empowered and gave him the strength to murder and rape me. Every single time something like this happens, you create a hashtag, demand action and them promptly sit down once your patience fails you. Every single time you let the culprits and the government supporting them get away with stuff like this, you are complicit in the story of another Zainab.

For those of you blaming me for being stupid enough to go with strangers, I was a child. I did not know about the horrors that awaited me. Instead of shaming me and imploring my parents to have taught me better, why don’t you do something to create a society where punishments for culprits are so severe that incidents like these are not allowed to happen. I don’t need your sympathy, I need my death to have meant something. Do not rest until my culprits are brought to justice. Give them a punishment so severe that the next time someone even thinks of doing something like this, their limbs shall quiver in fear. Do not let the tears of my family go to waste. Bring me justice so that my name is not remembered as a sob story but rather as a story of how Pakistan did right by me. Zainab should not be the name of the poor girl who was not given justice after being raped and murdered but rather the girl whose assailants were given their due punishment. Empower me by making sure that my death does not go in vain.

Do not blame my parents. They trusted the world around them. They trusted other people to act like decent human beings and not like monsters. They were in the house of Allah and did not even in their wildest dreams imagine that they would be coming back home to my mutilated corpse. If you want to blame someone, blame the monster and everyone like him who preys on those weaker than them. Blame the society that is still managing to find someone to blame besides the man responsible for it all. You do not get to ask what I was wearing or what did I do to invite this wrath upon me. The only question you should be asking should be that how can you play a part in making Pakistan safer for people ?

Do not let my death go in vain. Make me an example of justice being prevailed. Do you want to be part of a society that is not safe for children at all. If you don’t raise your voice for me , then don’t cry when someone else becomes a victim too. Don’t get offended when someone calls Pakistan unsafe.

Play your part in making this country safe. Become my champion. If you raise your voice for me today , then there won’t be a zainab to outrage about tomorrow .

I’m gone but let my legacy live on forever as the girl whose death changed the dynamics of power play and the justice system in Pakistan.

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