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End Of An Era - Queen Of Spices Zubaida Apa Leaves For Heavenly Abode

End Of An Era – Queen Of Spices Zubaida Apa Leaves For Heavenly Abode

Zubaida Tariq became a household name in the 90’s and from there on if anyone wants a tip about anything related to house, Zubaida Apa was the ultimate savior with her tips and totkas. Fondly known as the Queen of Spices, Zubaida Tariq died Thursday night after her heart stopped working as told by her brother, Anwar Maqsood to the media. Her funeral was held at Sultan Masjid, Defence. Karachi after the Jumma prayer. A huge number of fans and followers were present at the funeral.

Zubaida Tariq belonged to a literary family. She was a late bloomer with the likes of Anwar Maqsood (poet, writer), Fatima Sraiya Bajia (writer), Zahra Nigah (poet) as her siblings.

She was 72 of age and is survived by a son and a daughter.

A number of famous celebrities were really saddened by her demise and shared their feelings on social media platforms

Even politicians shared their heartfelt condolences for the deceased.

PIA’s official Twitter account also tweeted condolences on Zubaida Apa’s death

Zubaida Tariq or as famously called as Zubaida Apa by everyone was a true household name and people from every age group are sad about her death.

There was a huge number of tweets by the fans where they shared their condolences and disbelief on her death’s news.

May her soul rest in peace and may Allah grant her highest of the places in Jannat. Ameen

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