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Arth- The Destination Gets Embroiled Into A Controversy Post Release

Arth- The Destination Gets Embroiled Into A Controversy Post Release

The latest offering by Lollywood is Shaan Shahid’s “Arth- The Destination”, a remake of Mahesh Bhatt’s 1982 film “Arth”.

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According to the director, producer, and writer of the film Shaan Shahid the film is a remake or more of a reboot of the original with just the basic idea of the film is same while the story is changed according to the modern contemporary cinema.

Let us have a look at the film now that it has released to decide if it matches up to all the hype which was created around it or not. The film has four major characters played by Shaan, Uzma Hassan, Mohib Mirza and Humaima Malik. Uzma Hassan and Mohib Mirza’s characters are shown to be married where Mirza cheats his wife with Humaima Malik, a film star. Uzma tries to salvage her marriage and in the process, she meets Ali, Shaan’s character who is a frustrated slumped singer. how do they get their footing in their worlds with each other’s help and support is the crux of the story. The problem is that Shaan’s character seems to be really agitated with the Pakistani showbiz industry to the point that it becomes bizarre to watch him take out his frustration on the audience.  Mohib Mirza’s character has its own limitations but he is good in his role. Humaima Malik’s character has no definition at all apart from being a lust muse for Mirza’s character. Uzma Hassan is the only saving grace of the film in terms of characters. She emotes beautifully and you can feel a connection with her due to her powerful acting. Uzma needs to be appreciated for a commendable job. The music seems to be doing well with the audience too. Overall it is a good one time watch for the weekend.

source: YouTube

Express Tribune gave 1.5 stars, Something Haute gave 3 stars and Pakistan Today gave 3.5 stars out of 5 to the movie in their reviews.

Since its release, the movie has gotten a lukewarm response from the audience especially in Karachi. Due to negative reviews from Karachi, Shaan Shahid, the producer, director, and writer of the film, got agitated and posted a heated status on his official Facebook page but later it was removed. Here is what the status said:


When he was questioned about who wrote such thing and who handles his official accounts, he claimed that his management team handles his accounts

This excuse was not accepted by the audience and they showed their displeasure through their tweets

Shaan also deleted a number of tweets where he replied to the Twitter users about all his status fiasco in an arrogant manner

Here is what actor Shamyl Khan has to say about the film

Someone agreed to Shamyl Khan’s review of the movie

On the other hand, there were people who liked the movie

Now, as per the news, People have not forgotten Shaan’s behavior and Shaan has again given another controversial statement reported by HIP in which he is apparently belittling the credibility of the film critics.


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