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Its Dollars, Riyals and Mobile Phones as “Vails” in a Khanpur Wedding And People Are Shocked

Its Dollars, Riyals and Mobile Phones as “Vails” in a Khanpur Wedding And People Are Shocked

Extravaganza in weddings has become a rat race in our society. Every other person wants to show off his wealth through¬†extravagant and lavish marriage ceremonies as if it is a huge honor that you spent such huge amount on just one wedding. People devise different ways to show off their money during marriage ceremonies. One such incident which recently made noise is a wedding in Khanpur where the Groom‚Äôs side gave “Vail” in a unique style.

This Sunday, the resident of Multan, Muhammad Arshad went to marry a girl from Khanpur, Punjab. Upon reaching the venue, the relatives of the groom started raining “vails” in the form of US dollars, Saudi riyals and even Packed brand new mobile phones. People went into a frenzy looting the dollars, riyals and mobile phones and fortunately, nearly everyone had the opportunity to get one or another of these.

Here is a video of the same for your interest

Earlier, the groom’s brother gifted him a garland made with the currency of many countries

According to the sources, the groom has eight brothers. Four of whom live in USA and others live in Saudi Arabia.

Due to the extreme show off of wealth, the FBR has launched an investigation into the financial resources of both the groom and bride’s side after the videos of it go viral. The regional tax offices of both Multan and Bahawalpur are advised by the tax authority to start digging into the assets of both bride and groom.

This is not the first time that people have gone all out to show off their wealth on the wedding in Pakistan. Earlier in March, this year, a groom wore sehra of 50 tola gold and also invited about 15,000 guests. A notice was served to him later by the FBR.


Apart from this, another groom in September this year used a helicopter to take his baraat to Sheikhupura.

source: YouTube

The government needs to take strict actions against such people to eradicate this trend of extravaganza from our society.

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