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The Desi Version of Gucci Gang That You Need To Hear Right Now

The Desi Version of Gucci Gang That You Need To Hear Right Now

Unless you live under a rock or you find all your music from browsing the top ten list of, then chances are that you know about the viral hit Gucci Gang. The song is steadily climbing up the charts and has become an instant earworm.

Like all popular songs, this song too has many covers but there is one cover that stands tall above all and that is the desi reimagining of this song by a YouTube channel called RwnlPwnl. This channel has amazing desi parodies of some of your favorite songs but nothing beats the hilarity of their parody of Gucci Gang. The song took 2 hours to write and record while it took 4 hours to shoot.

The video is totally on point with the distinct focus on Rooh Afza to the girl’s fighting after playing Ludo. However, due to the fact that they used the word “Paki” in their title which is considered a slur word for Pakistanis, Facebook removed this video from their Facebook page but you can still find the video on their YouTube channel.

Here’s what Twitter thinks about this spin on the world’s current favorite song. 

Just go on and enjoy this song before Pakistani moral brigade wages a war on it. You can thank me later.

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