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A Six Years Old Is Among The Forbes Highest Paid YouTube Stars

A Six Years Old Is Among The Forbes Highest Paid YouTube Stars

We all have seen our children watching videos on youtube where children are playing with toys or doing one thing or another and we find it something really stupid. But, we are wrong as these kid videos earn them some real money if Forbes’ Highest Paid YouTube Stars List is of any importance.

Every year, Forbes releases a list of YouTubee stars who earned maximum money from their videos. The recent list includes Ryan, a six-year-old and according to Forbes Ryan has earned around 11 million dollars in the time span of June 1, 2016, to June 1, 2017.

source: YouTube

It all started when Ryan was around four years old and while opening his toys he asked his mother that why can he not review his toys. His parents got an idea and they shot a video of Ryan opening a toy and reviewing it (playing with it). They put the video on youtube in March 2015 and with the passage of time the channel started getting subscriptions.

After four months of its inception, the channel “Ryan ToysReview” got heavy traffic due to a video in which Ryan was reviewing 100 toys at once.

In January 2016, the channel got 1 million subscribers. A year later the subscription increased to 5 million and now it has over 10 million subscribers with over 16 million views.

source: YouTube

According to Ryan’s mother, at first they had to buy all the toys themselves but now they do get them to promote the toys in their videos. According to Ryan’s family, the toys shown in the videos are sent to charities once they are used.

The most viewed video of the channel has 1,033,767,346 views.

The channel now reviews new toys and kids food products. The channel also has videos showing glimpses of Ryan’s life apart from Ryan’s reviewing of toys. According to Ryan’s parents, they will shut the channel the moment Ryan will get bored with it even if it is earning big bucks for them.

Here is what people on social media have to say about this

Someone thought that his parents are doing wrong with him

Someone credited the right timing of making money as now competition is more

Someone was just pissed because their child is obssessed with these videos

While, Some even started questioning their capability for earning money

Finally, Somone was appreciative also

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