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ATM Skimming - New Fear Of Pakistanis

ATM Skimming – New Fear Of Pakistanis

Pakistanis have lost millions of their hard earned money through ATM skimming or ATM hacking in the last couple of weeks. More than 600 customers have been affected by this hacking scheme who hail from major cities including Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad.


The major chunk was reportedly first transacted by gaining the data of ATM users from an ATM machine at a posh shopping mall in Clifton, Karachi. The hackers used three different ways to gain access to the ATM users data.

Most of the consumers who got affected by this fraudulent act were from Habib Bank Limited. HBL blocked the ATM cards of most of its customers immediately after the consumers started registering their complaints of unlawful transactions through their ATM cards.

source: The Express Tribune

FIA has started probing into this matter and according to the latest reports, it has arrested a resident of Rawalpindi. According to the FIA officials, Saqib was running an ATM fraud racket which not only involves people from China but also from India, US, Canada, Italy, Nigeria, and Malaysia. Earlier in the year, two Chinese men were arrested by the FIA on ATM skimming charges.

The FIA has found the ATM machines used to hack consumers’ data and they are being processed for forensic evidence.

source: TechJuice

In the wake of recent ATM hackings, State Bank of Pakistan has advised the banks to standardize chip cards for customers to avoid any such issue and fraud in future. No bank has issued chip-based ATM cards even after multiple deadlines by the SBP. Hopefully, now the banks would do the needful. The banks are also advised to increase security measures at ATM machines.

Someone gave an explanation of ATM scamming in the following words

Here is a guide for you to ensure safe transaction from your ATM card



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