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13 Things You Can Relate To If You Are Doing Engineering Degree Without Your Interest

13 Things You Can Relate To If You Are Doing Engineering Degree Without Your Interest

You are becoming an engineer then this is something that you should be proud of. But, the twist in the tale comes when you are becoming an engineer because you are forced to choose this field as a career mostly due to the pressure of your family. This especially happens in our society where parents want to live their dreams through their children and want to make their children have the type of career which is appreciated by the masses and at the same time pays well. The top-most careers which fit the bill include engineering and medicine. So, all of you out there who are becoming engineers to make their parents proud and deep inside their hearts they want to be something else will definitely relate to the following situations

1. The Only Time You Are Proud Of What You Are Doing Is When People Say “Pakistan mein top students Doctor/Engineer Hi Bantay Hain”

Well, that is almost the proudest feeling you can have of becoming an engineer. Rest is mostly frustration, so be proud of yourself for that little bit of time.

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2. Just The Thought Of Calculus By Thomas Finney Makes You Go Dizzy

You just drop your head and cry thinking about Calculus.

source: tenor

3. Your Best Friend Is The One Who Calls Your Proxy Dutifully

Your best friend will definitely call out your proxy if he is your Sacha dost. Cheers for that true friend.

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4. You Fail To See Any Logic In “Digital Logic Design”

Whenever you try to find the logic of “Digital Logic Design”, after ten seconds you are like “I am confused, man….”

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5. You Don’t Even Think Twice Before Skipping Lectures

Whenever someone suggests to bunk class, you are thankful for the wonderful idea to save you from the torture. Your happiness knows no bounds.

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6. “Transformation Techniques” Fail To Transform Your Dismal Fortune

Because you just cannot get a grip on the subject.

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7. Islamiyat And Pakistan Studies Are The Only Subjects Which Make Sense

You feel like partying if you have exam of Islamiyat or Pakistan studies next day

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8. You End Up Burning Your Brain’s Fuse While Trying To Comprehend Electric Circuits

Electric circuits are something that you never get right and getting an electric circuit your brain gets fused.

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9. You Keep Telling Yourself Things Like “GPA Doesn’t Matter”

Because as much as you like, you just cannot fare better in semesters.

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10. Making Sense Of Computer Programming Is More Difficult Than Comprehending Chaudhary Shujaat Hussain’s Press Conference

Computer programming is as intelligible as Chaudhary Shujaat Hussain’s speech in a press conference

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11. You Rely On That One “Theeta” Friend To Pull All The Weight In Group Projects

Well, you are all dependent on that one friend who really studies hard and understands engineering. You let him do everything and you don’t feel ashamed of doing it.

source: tenor

12. The Only Time The Word “Transformers” Doesn’t Make You Cringe Is When It Is Used With Reference To The Movie

Other than the movie “Transformers”, every other transformer scares you badly because it will be related to your engineering studies.

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13. Studying Motor Winding Winds You Down Badly

Such engineering subjects almost always make you weep with frustration.

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