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Things You Can Relate To If You Have Kaminay Friends

Things You Can Relate To If You Have Kaminay Friends

Everyone has friends but those people are really blessed who have real friends who we call “Kaminey” in our desi language. They are the ones who share the same view of life with you and whom you can count upon anyway. They are a rock solid base of your strength. But, what are friends without fun? Right. Here we are giving you some situations with which you can easily relate to if you have Kaminey friends. Feel grateful if these situations happen in your life. Treasure these Kaminey frineds if you have them

1. If You Get Insulted By Friends In Public

Your friends have the tendency to insult you and make fun of you even in public and you don’t mind it then you have Kaminey friends for sure.

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2. If They Do Not Take You Seriously When You Really Are

Well, you have friends for life if they never take you seriously when you are serious and heartbroken because they will tale you out of your sulking mood.

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3. They Use Your Personal Things Without Caring To Ask Your Permission

Do your friends use your things like your stationary, clothes etc. without even asking for your permission or even let you know that they are using anything? If yes then believe it you have “kaminay dost”

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4. They Call You For Dinner And Leave You To Pay For It

Kaminey friends call you for dinner in a restaurant and when its time to pay for the bill, they leave that heavy responsibilty on your shoulders


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5. When They Copy Your Assignments

Has it ever happened with you that you prepare an assignment all through the night with hard work and the next day, all of your friends copy the same assignment from yours. These friends are a classic example of Kaminey friends. And the cherry on the cake is that they are not even sorry about it.

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6. When You Can Check Out The Opposite Sex With Your Squad

You can certainly check out a girl or a boy with your kaminay friends happily.

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7. When They Take Loan From Your Mobile Phone And Never Repay

Your kaminay friends never repay the loan they took from your mobile. Whenever you ask them they don’t have credit.

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