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15 Things You Can Relate To If You Are In A Wrong Career Placement

15 Things You Can Relate To If You Are In A Wrong Career Placement

The professional life of a person plays a huge part in his personality and way of life. If you have a happy and flourishing career, you will be contented and happy while if you are stuck in a wrong career in which you do not have a passion about then the displeasure from your professional life will inadvertently affect your personal life.

Choosing a right profession is a dilemma especially faced in our country where career is not chosen due to your passion or love about it but, it, in fact, is chosen on which profession pays well. This situation leads to an unhappy person altogether. Here is your guide to identify if you are among the unhappy ones or happy ones:

1. You Get Bored Very Frequently By Your Job

If you get bored by your work easily and mostly then it shows that your career is not the right choice for you.

source: tenor

2. You Focus On The “Extras” Rather Than The Actual Work

Do you have more focus on extra things like bonus, holidays etc rather than your work? Do you get happy on getting bonus more than achieving a milestone in your career? If Yes, you are at the wrong place

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3. You Complain A Lot About Your Job

People who complain a lot about their job are mostly those who are unhappy with their careers.

source: gyfcat

4. You Do Not Have Greater Sense Of Purpose

If you see your job as something which holds no importance and you are just doing it for the sake of doing it without any sense of greater purpose, then you should seriously have a look at your career choice.

source: shughal

5. You Are Working Due To Job Security Rather Than Your Passion

You are doing your job because it gives you security both on career and financial front and you do not have any passion about it then you are definitely at a wrong career placement.

source: Firefly Daily

6. You Are Jealous Of Others Who Are Doing Well

If you are jealous of others doing well at their careers and achieving things then you must second check your own career choice because it shows your wrong career and an unhealthy behaviour.

source: tenor

7. You Have A Boxed Up Feeling

You are not happy with your career if you feel all boxed up and confined due to it.

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8. You Start Every Thought With A Negative Note

Do you take everything at your workplace with a negative tinge to it? It shows that you are being unhappy at your work and you need to rethink about your professional life.

source: tenor

9. Even At Home You Cannot Stop Thinking About Work

Even when you are away from your work environment, you still keep on thinking about the work which you have to do with a heart-sinking feeling then you are definitely in a wrong place.

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10. You Are Always At A look Out For Escape Routes

People who have a wrong career choice made will always be looking to find ways to get out of their current situation like thinking to start their own business or moving from one organization to another.

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11. You Cannot Give 100% Input Due To Lack Of Interest

If you cannot give your sincere 100% input at your work because you are totally not interested in your work then you need to rethink about your career choice.

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12. You Have Totally Different Personalities At Work And At Home

If you have a difference in personality at work and at home then it shows that you are holding yourself back.

Source: Tumblr

13. You Get Tired Even When You Think About Going To Your Work

Does the thought about work make you feel fatigued? If yes, then you have a wrong career placement.

source: funnygifs

14. You Feel Lost At Your Workplace

You feel lost at your workplace. You do not have a sense of belonging at your workplace and it shows how detached you are with your career.

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15. You Dread Even The Thought Of Going Back To Your Workplace Every Day

Do you dread going back to your work when you come back home? You should recheck your career choice.

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If you can relate to many of these symptoms, you are in a wrong job placement. Fortunately, there is much you can do about it. So, have courage, and re-think over what you are doing to yourself.


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