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How Noori Dashed Our Hopes Of Producing The Next Season Of Coke Studio

How Noori Dashed Our Hopes Of Producing The Next Season Of Coke Studio

I was just going about my day, minding my business and looking at dog videos when suddenly a status on Facebook caught my eye. The moment I read that Noori was producing the next season of Coke Studio, the world around me stopped. Violins started playing in the background like a Karan Johar movie as I thought about the magic to be created by Ali Hamza and Ali Noor.

Source: Facebook

However, my bliss was short lived as soon after, Noori denied all rumors of them being the next executive producers of Coke Studio. I just have one question, WHY YOU GOTTA PLAY WITH MY FEELINGS BRO?

An infotainment website wrote an article about Noori producing the next season of Coke Studio and the news caught like wildfire as soon every single person was talking about this. The excitement around this got so huge that Noori’s band manager had to put out a statement discrediting these rumors.

“The rumors are false. Ali Noor and Ali Hamza are not involved in producing Coke Studio 11 as of yet.”

I hope you read this correctly because the manager clearly said they were not involved “as of yet”. This means that there is a chance that this collaboration might happen and honestly that is the only thing keeping me happy in a world where we are still debating what does and what does not count as harassment.

Source: Kool Muzone

Ali Noor and Ali Hamza are national treasures. They are one of the most versatile and accomplished singers in the country and if anyone deserves to give Coke Studio a chance to reclaim its glory, then it is these two.

They have produced some of the most amazing songs in the history of Coke Studio and deserve to be put on the helm of this iconic show.





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