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Madonna’s Old Post About Sharmeen Obaid Sparks A New Debate Among Pakistanis

Madonna’s Old Post About Sharmeen Obaid Sparks A New Debate Among Pakistanis

Pakistan has always been striving to prove that it is a country who wants peace, education and love for all. We are always in a state to justify ourselves that we have the mindset to acknowledge the importance of education and equality for all because unfortunately we have an image in the outer world for being chauvinistic and narrow-minded illiterate people who are totally against education and prosperity.

This image is due to a lot of factors including our developing third world country status, Islamophobia around the world, wrong depiction of our nation in media and the worst of all some of our black sheep.

Famous American celebrity Madonna posted a message on Facebook back in 2014 and encouraged Our new controversy star and Oscar winner Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy and her friend to built a school in Karachi. There is nothing wrong in encouraging but it is the words which have us in a bit of a fix. Take a look at it yourself

Although the post is two year more than three year old but it is highlighted due to Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy’s mention in the post as it shows how her misinformation has given a wrong impression of our nation. People have not yet forgotten the latest issue surrounding SOC’s tweets. So, it has gotten attention of all Pakistanis and they are now projecting their own comments in their way on Social media sites.

People are really angry for the impression our esteemed personalities are giving about Pakistan to the foreign celebrities who know nothing about our country.

People are questioning the double standards of Sharmenn Obaid Chinoy.

We all are ambassadors for our country wherever we go and whatever we achieve. So, it is our primary responsibility to present our country in the best way possible. This responsibility is especially heavy on the celebrities visiting foreign countries so it is important for all of them to understand the severity of this responsibility and act accordingly

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