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Pakistan’s Very Own Wonder Woman Muniba Mazari

Pakistan’s Very Own Wonder Woman Muniba Mazari

Muniba Mazari is a phenomenal artist.
Muniba Mazari is a gorgeous model.
Muniba Mazari is an excellent motivational speaker.
Muniba Mazari is a stellar activist.

You may have heard all these things about the iron lady of Pakistan. These are the labels that Muniba chooses to identify herself with,  not letting her paraplegic legs become her identity.

Source: Tribune

Much like every other Pakistani women you know, Muniba fell into a loveless marriage at the behest of her parents at a young age. When she was 21 years old while traveling to RYK her husband fell asleep at the wheel and their car fell into a ditch. While her husband escaped by jumping out of the car, the accident left Muniba paralyzed.

After taking me out of the ditch, I was put in a Potohar jeep as there weren’t any ambulances in Baluchistan. I asked people where my legs were, and that I couldn’t feel them. They said, ‘They are right here.’ I was very composed, I didn’t cry. At the hospital, I told the doctors, ‘I am half paralyzed, I can’t feel anything.’ I was in severe physical and psychological pain, but I didn’t cry. Where did I get the courage to stay calm? I don’t know, all I know is when you have lost something, you cannot cry.”

After the accident, instead of giving up hope up hope and destining herself to a life of despair and gloom, she divorced her husband in order to carve a better life for herself. She did not let the terms of society dictate her and liberated herself and her husband from a life without love and happiness. Even the doctor told her that she would not be able to have children in her life, she took that news in stride and instead decided to become a mother by adopting a son.

Source: HIP in Pakistan

“The women would tell my mother that a husband would never keep a wheelchair-bound wife. Poor girl, she’ll get divorced, they used to say, as I lay there lifelessly, pretending I couldn’t hear them. My mother responded to them positively by saying if Allah took away my daughter’s legs, there must be something important Allah wants my daughter to do without them. Despite my mother’s optimism, this was a really tough time for me.”“I was so happy when I sat in a wheelchair for the first time. So what if I lost my legs? I have two wheels now. The first thing I did was to put on some lipstick and check myself out in the mirror. I thought that I looked like a clown and that a person on a wheelchair can never look good, so I removed the lipstick. But then I put it back on because I decided to accept myself for the way I am. I became so brave after the accident. After losing so much and being surrounded by so much negativity, I realized I had nothing left to lose. I wanted to prove to the world that a disabled person can live a happy, fulfilling life too.

Now Muniba is a ray of hope for women everywhere. Though she had to give up painting in order to focus more on her marital obligations, she has since then made a name for herself by doing what she loves the most. Her breathtaking acrylics on canvas are a part of her brand knows as Muniba’s canvas.  Her courage and bravery have been applauded all over the world and she has been appointed as the national ambassador for UN Women Pakistan. She has also bagged the honor of being named as one of the 100 most inspirational women by BBC in 2015.

Source: Muniba’s Canvas

However, these are not the only things that make Muniba unique. She is also one of the first wheelchair-bound models for Toni & Guy. But above all, Muniba Mazari is an excellent motivational speaker who uses stories of pain and inspiration to inspire millions of people to move past their disabilities to forge better lives for themselves. She teaches people how important it is to take a stand for themselves so that they can choose to live life on their own terms.

Muniba Mazari - Live Every Moment

Pakistan's Iron Lady Muniba Mazari will tell you why failure is an option, but giving up is notTo watch the full video in HD or to embed it on your website, go here:

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So the next time you need a little inspiration and motivation in life, look towards this bright young woman who built her new life from the shambles of her old one and did not let destiny dictate the way.



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