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Top Ten Of The Most Amazing Pizza Places In Lahore

Top Ten Of The Most Amazing Pizza Places In Lahore

By far, the best things that Italians have ever done is invent the pizza. There is no trouble that cannot be put away with a slice of hot pizza. After years of research by eating countless pizzas, I have compiled this ranking.
Here’s a list of the top ten pizza joints in Lahore to give your taste buds the party they deserve.

10- Gino’s 
Gino’s is present all over the world and is much loved for their extraordinary tasting pizzas. While the price of their pizzas is a bit steeper than the other options, the taste of the pizza more than makes up for the high price.

Source: Instagram

9- Green Valley
The food hall in the mall of Lahore offers some of the most cheaply priced pizza. While the price is low, the quality of the pizza is simply amazing. The pizza has received rave reviews from everyone who has tried it and has been called just as good as the pizzas from big brands.

Source: Instagram

8- Manhattan Bites
With their extra hot sauce, you can give your pizzas the extra kick they deserve. This quaint joint offer pizzas as well as a variety of other starter options that will satisfy all your fast food cravings.

Source: Instagram

7- Mozzarella 27
While the pizzas at this small joint are to die for, one of the breakout stars of this restaurant is their pizza prawn. A mouthwatering blend of Special prawns, fresh mushrooms, Italiano blend seasoning, garlic sauce and mozzarella cheese awaits you as you order this delicacy.

Source: Instagram

6- New Yorker Pizza
While this pizzeria has fewer options than that of other pizza joints, each option is jam packed with flavors. If you want to stick with the classics, then order their Chicken Tikka Pizza which will give you a burst of flavor in every bite.

Source: Instagram

5- Broadway Pizza
Their pizzas have perfected the form of blending desi and international flavors together effortlessly. Their 20-inch slice and drink combo are guaranteed to satisfy all your cravings whilst making sure that it isn’t too big of a dent in your pocket.

Source: Instagram

4- Pizza Hut 
The number four spot goes to the ever reliable pizza hut. Pizza Hut has one of the best-tasting pizzas in Pakistan and keeps coming up with amazing deals every time to keep their customers hooked. The desi flavors introduced in their pizzas are a must have as is their delicious Hershey pie.

Source: Instagram

3- Timmy’s 
Timmy’s is the optimal place to have lunch or dinner. If you like your pizzas with a twist then do go for their tornado pizza. Not only are there pizza options tantalizing but the other food options at this place are pretty amazing as well.

Source: Instagram

2- Cosa Nostra 
This quaint little food joint boasts of flavors that are rarely available at other pizza joints. Their specialty thin crust pizza has amassed a huge fan base. You can also try out the delicious panini and starter options offered at this restaurant. This place has everything from great food to great ambiance.

Source: Instagram

1- Jalal Sons 
The number one spot on the list is bagged by none other than a favorite of all Lahoris, Jalal Sons. This joint has been tantalizing the taste buds of Lahoris since 1948.With a vast variety of flavors, these delicacies are priced at moderate prices making them affordable for all so If you want to try something amazing, then do go for their Swedish pizza.

Source: Instagram

Note: The list has been compiled based on our polls created on one or more food groups on Facebook.







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  1. Usama Tariq says:

    Jalal Sons and Timmy’s suck !

    1. PeriFeed says:

      Still, there’s huge following of both

    2. Usama Tariq says:

      PeriFeed Jalal Sons pizza is not a pizza really. It’s more like a lots of chicken and olives or super baked bread

  2. Why the heck is jalal sons and Pizza hut on there?

  3. Umair Khalid says:

    Ahmed Naveed Ahmed Ilyas Khan Farhan Ijaz Keen Syed Usman Tariq

  4. Muhammad Rehan Majeed

  5. Usama Iqbal says:

    Muhammad Farhan Waqar Butt

  6. Zayed Rashid says:

    Aftab we can make a better list

  7. Waleed ShYkh says:

    Ahmad Hamza agli dafa yahan khin chalain ge

  8. Jalal sons is a bakery/grocery place not a Pizza place. You would have been better off putting pantry or rinas on the list.

  9. Khaqan Ahmed says:

    Ahmad Hamza How many of these have you tried ?

    1. Ahmad Hamza says:

      Bhai 7 jaga se khaya hai

    2. Khaqan Ahmed says:

      Mae ne sirf Manhattan Bites ka khaya hua hae

  10. If u have not included cook nook, then the list is non valid

    1. Syed Humza says:

      Well I almost believed them, until I saw “Pizza hut”.
      lol Pizza hut’s pizza is the worst ever pizza I’ve ever had.
      and they placed it at number 4.
      Don’t go with the list.

  11. Asad Maqbool says:

    Aamir Zargham Afraz Arif Khan no pizza time!!!

    1. Asad Maqbool says:

      When are we meeting for pizza time btw? Next week? Yes?

    2. Asad Maqbool says:

      We can get pizza and come to my place.

    3. These are all generic. :p

    4. Asad Maqbool says:

      I see how you are conveniently ignoring -_-

  12. Hira Paracha just see the pictures

    1. Hira Paracha says:

      Le kar bhi jaein ab -.-

    2. I knew it you would say that. Isi liay I asked you to see the pics only

  13. Rooqash Ali says:

    Mussab Nadeem see. no 4

    1. Hahahah. Shakal se hi nahoosat no 4

  14. Rameen Ali says:

    Mahnur Butt Mahnoor Anwar

    1. Enough of pizza fr sometime

  15. Khizer Khan says:

    Syra Khan Khabeer Ul Tanwir Khan Iftikhar Tanwir Abdaal Tanwir Ahmed

  16. Jaweria Khan
    Zaraa aagey dekha deina
    #5 zaroor parha deina

  17. Roshan Jamal says:

    Azeen Aamir Ch number 2 :’)
    “Our ajeeb pizza”

    1. Our next stop is cosa nostra then

  18. Amna Rafique guess who is on 2nd :p

  19. Maria Tahir says:

    Almost sab but i havent tried mozzarella and cosa ka ._.


    2. Maria Tahir says:

      Or maybe i don’t remember

    3. I’m sure kiya wa hay

    4. Maria Tahir says:

      We’ll go phirsay

    1. Dominos nai hai bas mjhe woh dukh

    2. Sameer Tahir says:

      Zainab Tayyab obv nae hona tha

  20. Hatim Khalid Abdullah Mustafa Hamza Tariq

  21. Saad Malik says:

    Pizza hut on 4? You high bro?

    1. Junaid Ahmad says:

      Phr tu kehta hai mai Pizza nai khata

    2. Ahmad Shafiq says:

      Tere liy kiya hai bc

  22. Aamna Aamrr says:

    Siraj Ahmad Khan all that im looking forward too.

  23. Cheese k golay bantay jaaarahy ho …

  24. Muhammad Hamza Adnan

  25. Syed Saad Sherazi Faryal Syeda
    Kanza Iqbal
    I have tried all except gino’s

    1. Kanza Iqbal that means we should

  26. Sami Suhail says:

    Nousherwan Tariq lgta hai tera pizza ko mood hora hai

    1. Oh bhainsss! Kyaaa aala andaaza lagaya hai?

    2. Kaaamse abhi soch raha tha. Bra…F******….Vo!

    3. Sami Suhail says:

      Hahaha per dont trust this list its all messed up pizza hut ki ranking sai andaza lga aur they have missed out the best pizza in town pta hai na konsa ?

    4. Sami Suhail says:

      Nopes how come u dont remember

    5. Sami Suhail says:

      Deep pan pizza dude!!

    6. Oh hoo Sweet Tooth but probably they haven’t mentioned it probably as its not its main dish

    7. Sami Suhail says:

      Yes that could be the reason as they have listed pizza chains

  27. Reeba Raza says:

    Emmad Raza gotta try them all

  28. Arooj Iqbal says:

    Maidą Malik Ayesha Shehzad dil kr ra ab saray hi try kr len

    1. Maidą Malik says:

      Hahahaha pizza monday ko magwa lein gay..tumhara dil b tha naa

    2. Arooj Iqbal says:

      Hmmm bs dil hi mera qabu me nhi rhta. Jaib ijazat nhi deti bitttoo

    3. Hahaha kon khilaa ra h

    4. bus cosa nostra try mt krna

    5. Arooj Iqbal says:

      Hahhahha okay kainat

    1. Yasir Waheed says:

      Offer 10 mint me khtm ho jae gi.

    1. They added ginos. Like cmon. Wtf. Pizzahut? Are these people retards?

    2. Pizza hut is good sometimes when you add extra cheese. On rare occasions thou, BROADWAY IS HERE AND IT SUCKS

    3. Broadway is okay I suppose. It should be at like number 8 or 9.

    4. Number one is hands down, pantry.

    1. Daud Shaukat says:

      Daikh number 1 say tumhay khilaya

  29. Waqas Ahmed says:

    Waqas Ashraf timmy’s at 3rd place :p

    1. Waqas Ashraf says:

      Chalo mubarak ho phr

    2. Waqas Ahmed says:

      Fajita silician with white sauce nd stuffed kabab ..the best.

  30. Lyza Rashid making it big

    1. Lyza Rashid says:

      i hadn’t seen this before omg!!

    2. Its number 1 on my list tho not even kidding

    3. Lyza Rashid says:

      hahahahah SHABBBBA gud 2 kno!! (don’t) rakooo


    5. Lyza Rashid says:

      seedha seedha bolo no need for discount i will send gift one day

    6. Hahahaha shaba done i will reciprocate dnv

    7. Lyza Rashid says:

      dig sahab se kya ayega?? bandookain?

  31. Ayesha Tariq says:

    Bushra Zahoor Aamna Sajid

    1. Goal is we’ll try all these in 3rd year. Okay ?

    2. Aamna Sajid says:

      Ionly haven’t tried cosa nostra, lets go there

  32. Mina Mishal
    Sarpino’s kidr gya :+

    1. Mina Mishal says:

      Pizza hut

    1. Next time pizza scene izawn

  33. Safina Aftab says:

    Bakhtawar Ali Hina Saif Amal Awais Chughtai

    1. Let’s try ’em all!

    2. Safina Aftab says:

      Its been ages we went out for pizza! The last time when we went together was on hina’s birthday treat at Mozzarella 27. Then me and Amal always had Dominos

  34. Munazza Moid says:

    Varisha Arshad chalain phir
    My pizza lover

  35. If u dont have sarpenos italiano clasico over there
    Then this list its bogus

    1. Ali Asad says:

      chuss hogya hy sarpinos yaar….pehle acha hota tha

  36. Dua Azhar says:

    Pantry deserves to be in pizza hut’s place instead.

  37. Mahnoor Ali Mehak Yusuf Sana Suleman Rozina Liaqat…check this out…COSA NOSTRA is no 2

    1. Nimra Rehman says:

      Wtf is pizza hut doing here?!*!?!?!?

    1. Hannan Bajwa says:

      Bas bhai jan Aj ke baad Greenvalley on hai

  38. Sabahat Ali says:

    Sufian Mirza Irrah Sweet

  39. Waqas Ahmad says:

    No you are missing no 1 it’s BREAD AND BEYOND johar town.
    Muhammad Ovais

    1. Yup true no 1 isn’t in their list

  40. Hassan Malik says:

    Saad Dar Ramaaz Shahid Broadway :3333

  41. Hira Mushtaq says:

    Ammara Shakeel Aisha Zulfiqar look at number 1

    1. Mai esy hi thori pagal hn

  42. Akbar Saeed says:

    Serpino’s pizza is way better than pizza hut

    1. Akbar Saeed says:

      Bc bari miss list tyar ki hai Ingo the ne

  43. Haider Ali says:

    Pizza Hut to farigh ha..

  44. Haider Ali says:

    Mozzarella 27 is best

  45. Samman Rana says:

    Sheikh Umar Riaz east or west Jalal son’s is the best

  46. Muneeb Pasha says:

    Cosa nostra, the pantry, little eatery and Tuscany courtyard all do great pizzas that aren’t too greasy where you can actually taste the individual flavours;)

    1. Numra Urooj says:

      Youshay in sb jaga ka pizza nahe khaya hmny

  47. Why is pizza hut on this list? They used to be good back in 2010. After that, everything went down the hill for them.
    Broadway and timmy’s, the best!

  48. Rehman Habib says:

    Qasim Hussain Zain Ul Abiddin Syed Gulhassan bus rahat add ker do aur pizza hut nikal do

    1. Chaloo phir aaj kahnay chalien
      Or cosa nostra reh gae hain

  49. Majid Ali says:

    Saad Hassan we must try these

  50. Myla Babar says:

    Delish isn’t here?!?!

  51. Taimoor Arif says:

    Mohammad Ali Iqbal Uzair Farrukh Nouman Abbasi Talha Zubair Fawad Zafar

    1. Hamza Nazir says:

      Yehi din dekhna reh gaya tha

    2. Taimoor Arif says:

      Haan 🙂 🙂 🙂

    3. From lorra squad to new squadd :'(

  52. Aaiza Ahmad Areebah Ahmad we should try all of these!

    1. Hoor E Ain says:

      I knew it

    2. Pizza hutt sucks! Or usy top 10 m dala hua

    3. Hoor E Ain says:

      Agli bar ap sy puchain gy article likhny sy pehly

    1. Zain Akram says:

      Baba jeee been there done that :p

  53. Muhammad Osama Saeed stupid list

    1. I agree, broadway timmys sucks
      Jalal sons is good but bohat desi taste
      Mozzarella and manhatten bites and pizza hut for me

    2. Mentioning pizza hut along with Mozarella and Manhatten bites is sin

    3. As a regular customer of pizza hut, I agree

    4. Noor Ul Huda says:

      Desi lougon kou kisi bhi cheez main Mirrach Masalay Daal kar day dou, Zaiqay ka Award day dain gy. #HadTo

    1. Shezal Tariq says:

      Me bhi jaun gi. -_-

    2. Fatima Javed says:

      Ghar magwanay ke liye tag kiya

    3. Shezal Tariq says:

      Yeh Jo bhi link ki caption hai the parh k likh dia Mene :p

    4. Shezal Tariq says:

      Awww acha acha ghr aun gi

  54. Rameen Malik says:

    Shameen H. Shah cozzzza

  55. Adel Al Haq says:

    Ermmmm. You guys need to get out from under that rock. Pehlay Lahore kay saray pizzay khao, phir is tarah ki sarriyan maro!

    1. We should get 10/10 in this

  56. Rida Khan says:

    Hussain Ijaz lets try all

  57. Yasir Anwar dekh pizza hut no 3. Zulm hai….

    1. Yasir Anwar says:

      Bhai Timmy’s aur Jalal sons wala us se ziada zulm hai

    2. Woh try nahin kiye abhi tak waise. Ek dafa Jalal sons se ice cream khai thi tab se Wahan se tauba hai meri

    3. Yasir Anwar says:

      Hahahaha… Nahi pizza itna bura nahi hai… Theek hai

    4. Ye bhi status symbol ban gaya hai Jalal sons se khana ab waise…

    5. Yasir Anwar says:

      Chal kahin aur se kha lain gay lord !!!

    1. Asad Yousaf says:

      kaha se khila rha he phr

    2. Jaani chaltay hain kl pizza hut. Tu janay wala bun

    3. Asad Yousaf says:

      aap khilae aur hum na ae

  58. Amna Mahmud says:

    Shyza Shahid Chaudhry

  59. Amna Mahmud says:

    Is Rahat bakery’s pizza still any good?

  60. Zeerak Naeem says:

    i haven’t tried greewnwalley and cosa nostra Ch Shaheer

    1. Amna Mehmood says:

      Okay jeee. Ye tou diet mei bhi khana hay meny jou marzi hou jaye

  61. Adan Younus says:

    You haven’t tried big Mann’s. The place might be a bit shabby but their is the best I’ve ever had.

  62. Mueed Muzayyan Naveed ready ho har aik aik jagah khaana hai

    1. Tara popa ki lotri nikla h ka

    2. Poopa bech dia ha kuxh pisa mila ha

  63. Zeenat Khan says:

    Oyai Saba Khan Maria Khan yar hum nai kon kon sai try kia howai hain…. Yar emporium mai kon sa khaya tha… Inn mai sai kon kon sa baikar hai?

  64. Tayyaba Rafiq get me no1 asap.

    1. I gt u one few weeks back

    2. That was 2 weeks back. I want one now

    3. Leh, abu se kaho na, and grab the car keys and go
      And do take azka wd u, lol

  65. Sweet Affairs should have been on this list

  66. Sufian Mushtaq dekhle newyorker isme hy

  67. Sarah Kashif Ali ajao

    1. Arahi hun agli flight se

  68. Amna Bilal says:

    Muhammad Bilal Muzaffar

  69. Syed Asaat says:

    Salman Sadiq we have a new mission to accomplish. Although this one is half done. Yet another list.

  70. Imma try them all and then decide.

    1. Junaid Arif says:

      Pantry ka pizza khanay chaltay ha

  71. Sohaib Alavi, buy me Jalal Son’s pizza?
    Or Delish pizza. Both will do, as well.

  72. Yusuf Ammar Risham Javaid

    1. Musa Hussain says:

      Bucket list all ten?

  73. Omar Shabbir says:

    That is the most idiotic and ignorant article ever xD

  74. Abdul Hanan says:

    Pizza hut in the list is like a crime. One of the worst pizza for the past 7/8 years.

  75. Sheikh Bilal says:

    Ammar Aslam Bajwa dekh le or yaad kr le..

    1. Leh done…abi dil kr raha hh fori…

  76. Tohami Bin Shafiqa ???

    1. Ya to hamarey taste buds weird hein ya inho ne Johar town ka jakar nai maara kabhi

  77. Ali Bukhari says:

    Syed Shayan Raza Bukhari dekhlo shayan , jalal sons ka number one par hay

    1. Daniyal Awan says:

      “weekends resource plan”? 😀

    1. To kab jana hai pizza khana

    1. Ahad Iqbal says:

      Jala sons timmys better than pizza hut , try italian express thin crust

  78. Waqas Khan says:

    For now the number one pizza all way far is made by my family

    1. No Delish!!! And Gino’s on the list. Waste

  79. Fateh Sher says:

    Usama Tufail Husnain Ahmad Khanzada Khizar Saud Khalid Chaudhry

    1. Mangiamo kyun nai iss mein

  80. Rida Umer Butt Uzma Umer missing soo soo much

  81. Aleena Ayaz says:

    Jalal Son’s ka ab b khila dou yr? Salayha

  82. 100 percent number 1 given to the bestest ever … i so miss jalal sons pizza

  83. Haziq Shoaib Mir
    Lmao they put Pizza Hut over Broadway and M27

    1. I know i thought i tagged you in this

    2. Broadway
      Jalal sons

    3. And then 24wallstreet i guess

    4. Timmys yukh tho ganda chicken bread zada tastu os se gourmet ki

    5. Keep Manhattan out of this-_-

  84. Najiya Haque says:

    Shehzad Malik Manzoor

    1. Whyyyyyyyy. We have a shoot coming up.

    2. I blame you for my fatness

    3. Najiya Haque says:

      Please. You know only the pizza is to blame

    4. Najiya Haque pizzaaa ❤️❤️

    1. Kanza Zaeem says:

      Mje ni tag kia tmne Hamna Shoaib Faizan;(

    2. Aww Kanza I had to tag you next. Lol. But pata nae kia us waqt it just skipped from my mind. K pata nae us waqt something happened k me ker nae saki. Khadija is being veryy ziddi 🙁 theek hee nae ho rahi 🙁

  85. Kanza Zaeem says:

    Salwa Butt jalal sons